Lebanese Family Sues U.S. Nursing Home over Abuse Caught on Video


The family of an elderly Lebanese man is suing a Michigan nursing home, alleging a hidden camera captured footage of the abuse and some caretakers directed ethnic slurs toward the man.

Hussein Younes, 89, was seeking care at Autumnwood of Livonia in 2015 after a bowel obstruction surgery. His son, Salim Younes, grew concerned after noticing his father had several bruises, cuts and significant weight loss.

"They blamed his injuries on him falling 11 times over a five-month period," said Jonathan Marko, the family's lawyer.

Salim Younes hid a camera in an alarm clock next to his father's bed. The family gathered more than 100 clips documenting neglectful behavior over two days, Marko said.

The family removed Hussein Younes from the facility in December 2015.

The lawsuit alleges caretakers physically abused and hurled ethnic slurs at Younes. The complaint also alleges Younes was denied water, had his call button taken from him and had his legs run into a wall while in a wheelchair.

The actions may have been racially motivated, Marko said.

"He's an elderly Lebanese gentleman who was born and grew up in Lebanon," Marko said. "He's an Arab-American, and because of that, he was targeted as this nursing home and horribly abused."

The company conducted an internal investigation and reported the allegations to several government agencies after learning of the complaints in December 2015, but wasn't able to substantiate the allegations at the time, said the company's attorneys. Autumnwood wasn't made aware of the video until May 2016.

"The actions depicted in the video are in no way illustrative of the quality care that is provided by the caring staff at Autumnwood on a daily basis," the company said in a statement.

The employees in the video have been fired and other employees are receiving additional training, according to attorneys for Autumnwood.

The civil trial begins in June.

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Thumb Mystic 07 March 2018, 14:16

This is why people should not migrate and leave their home countries.
They only get treated like sand niggers in the U.S and other western nations.

Stay in your own country.

Thumb s.o.s 07 March 2018, 15:20

It’s obvious you don’t live in Lebanon. Nursing homes started popping all over the country roughly 10 years ago, many children put their parents there. People live older yes, but the children have to work longer as well and can’t combine both duties.

Thumb Mystic 07 March 2018, 18:06

s.o.s we are not all a bunch of cowards like you.

Thumb s.o.s 07 March 2018, 20:14

Dude, if the wife and husband work full time, you’d abandon someone who has Alzheimer alone in the house??? That would be considered as criminal!

But of course, in the couch potato culture, like you for instance, nobody works, you’re all day playing counter strike, and harassing people online then yes, of course you are fully available To care for the old and disabled people.

Thumb s.o.s 07 March 2018, 22:41


the dude has a song: Scrub (see TLC lyrics) haha
He definitely lives with his mommy and envies other people ∴ comes up with some nasty comments and attacks the readership.

Thumb whyaskwhy 07 March 2018, 15:32

Stay in our country to be treated as second class citizens because Syria and Iran wants to suppress us? Stay in a country where water and electricity are an item not granted for all? Stay in our country to see garbage bags higher than the hills surrounding the capital? Stay in our country so that we cannot find work and let our future watch us stagnate? Abuse in Lebanon is a daily thing and is the norm ya Ali while in the US its not.

Thumb Mystic 07 March 2018, 18:09

As if I ruined your livelihood you cry baby.
If you found fortune in the West, that is your own problem, just remember that you will never be accepted as one of them, and you will always be treated as an immigrant scum.

Which is why it's better to stay in the country of origin.
Nobody likes immigrants and refugees anyway, so why become one?

Thumb Mystic 07 March 2018, 18:24

I would rather smell bags of garbage in Lebanon and earn little money, than to be treated like an actual garbage in a foreign country being an immigrant.

Thumb Mystic 07 March 2018, 14:17

You seek to defend the Western values against Lebanese.

Thumb janoubi 07 March 2018, 16:18

ya iraní
what do you know about 'Western Values'?

Thumb Mystic 07 March 2018, 18:07

this is your western values above yahoudi.

Thumb i.report 07 March 2018, 18:18

The new generation doesn't want to live with it's parents or parents in law. That is a fact. They'd rather pay someone to care for them, and frankly, those who actually go to such places decide to do it themselves because they don't want to be a burden for their children. This happens in the West, but also in oriental China and of course in Lebanon as reported by SOS.
It's called evolution, if you don't want to evolve with the society, you become a marginal. But I guess you already are marginal, given your lifestyle...theft, militias, terrorism, abductions....

Thumb Mystic 07 March 2018, 18:23

That is not good and loving children that puts their parents in an asylum for elderly, getting treated like immigrant scum.

In Lebanese tradition, the parents stay at home with childrens families until they die.
That people travel to the West and assimilate themselves is a foolish move, and see what it gets you.

Thumb Mystic 07 March 2018, 18:26

What parent should be a burden? They took care of their children since they were young, only to be forsaken and left behind when they grow old, by their own children.

Thumb Busybee 07 March 2018, 18:55

"What parent should be a burden? They took care of their children since they were young, only to be forsaken and left behind when they grow old, by their own children."

I agree with Mystic on this one. People who disagree have been affected by the secular wests values which only proove how when you imitate other nations you automatically take their evil habits and values as well. If the desire is there then people will find a way to take care of their parents. Usually there are several children and only two (sometimes one) parents. Cooperate in time and expenses and do your job to the best of your ability as long as the situation allows it. Especially if you are a Muslim. That is our duty and the least we can do for our parents. They deserve much more.

In this case though, it seem the elderly man needed medical help? In which case i can't judge the children.

Thumb s.o.s 07 March 2018, 20:22

Look at the hypocrite, the dood criticizes the Western values but claims to have studied at the AMERICAN University of Beirut because he wants to be acknowledged as an equal to westerners. He uses iOS or Android on top of a free western email address, spewing his hatred on a Lebanese website stored on a western cloud, probably drives an American or German car, has US dollar bills in his wallet and let’s not forget the American MasterCard or Visa. And all of these companies finance Israel, LoL. The idiot is a first class hypocrite and also a dimdim, understand a dimwit. Oh, did I forget mentioning smoking western ciggies? Ahbal.

Thumb Mystic 08 March 2018, 11:42

You are the cupcakes here that believes you can remove hezbollah through Naharnet, big mouth internet warriors.

Thumb whyaskwhy 07 March 2018, 21:41

And this ladies and gentleman is the epitaph of statements made by what we should consider an obvious learned individual from Kizballah

"I would rather smell bags of garbage in Lebanon and earn little money, than to be treated like an actual garbage in a foreign country being an immigrant."

Enjoy the stench that you earned for the rest of us have a lot higher standards than you and are enjoying living in a free world where we are treated as equals.