PSP, LF Register Electoral Lists of Chouf-Aley, Baabda

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Progressive Socialist Party and the Lebanese Forces on Thursday submitted to the Interior Ministry their electoral lists for the Chouf-Aley and Baabda districts.

PSP chief MP Walid Jumblat's son “Taimur Jumblat visited Thursday morning the headquarters of the Interior Ministry in Sanayeh, where he registered the Reconciliation List of the Chouf-Aley district,” a PSP statement said.

“The list chose the red color and it comprises Taimur Jumblat (PSP), George Adwan (LF), Naji al-Bustani (independent), Ghattas al-Khoury (Mustaqbal Movement), Nehme Tohme (Democratic Gathering), Marwan Hamadeh (PSP), Bilal Abdullah (PSP) and Mohammed al-Hajjar (Mustaqbal) for the Chouf region, and Akram Shehayyeb (PSP), Henri Helou (Democratic Gathering), Anis Nassar (LF) and Raji al-Saad (nephew of Democratic Gathering MP Fouad al-Saad) for the Aley region,” the PSP added.

Social Affairs Minister Pierre Bou Assi of the LF meanwhile registered a list for the Baabda district, called the “Baabda Unity and Development” list.

The list comprises Pierre Bou Assi, Cynthia al-Asmar and Joseph Adaimi for the Maronite seats, Hadi Abu al-Hassan for the Druze seat and Salah al-Harakeh for the Shiite seat.

The deadline for registering lists expires on March 26.

The parliamentary elections will be held under a complex proportional representation system on May 6.

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