PSP Dismayed as Hariri Tours Iqlim al-Kharroub 'without Coordination'


Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Thursday toured the Iqlim al-Kharroub region, a majority Sunni area in the Chouf district, the bastion of Druze leader MP Walid Jumblat.

“With the start of Rafik Hariri's political career, and later with al-Mustaqbal Movement, Iqlim al-Kharroub became a key component of the political equation in Mount Lebanon,” Hariri said at a huge electoral rally in Barja after touring several towns in the region.

“Together with Walid Beik and Taimur (Jumblat) we will continue the journey. Taimur is a rising young man and we will always cooperate with him. There will be bickering of course, but we accept it from Walid Beik,” Hariri added.

“Chouf and Aley, especially Iqlim al-Kharroub, will say their word on May 6. Entire Lebanon will realize that this region cannot be infiltrated, because it belongs to Walid Beik, al-Mustaqbal Movement, Rafik Hariri and Saad Hariri,” the premier went on to say.

Hariri and Jumblat are allied in Iqlim al-Kharroub and the Chouf-Aley electoral district. Taimur Jumblat, who heads the electoral alliance, was not present at the Barja rally.

LBCI television said the PSP was dismayed after Hariri carried out his electoral tour “without coordination.”

“Political partnership should be complete in order to exist. The series of unilateral steps that have been made by al-Mustaqbal Movement do not contribute to strengthening partnership, such as insistence on some nominations during the lists formation phase or excluding MP Antoine Saad in an inappropriate manner,” PSP spokesman Rami al-Rayyes told LBCI.

In a tweet that coincided with Hariri's speech in Barja, Walid Jumblat said that “experience has proved that electoral seminars are much better than mass rallies and the accompanying demos and actions that represent an annoyance to citizens.”

“That's why the Mukhtara and Aley rallies have been called off,” Jumblat added, noting that “preparations are underway to organize a meeting with the dignitaries at a place and time that will be set by the comrades.”

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Thumb warrior 19 April 2018, 23:29

"because it belongs to Walid Beik, al-Mustaqbal Movement, Rafik Hariri and Saad Hariri,” the premier went on to say."

Stop using and abusing your late father's name! You are nothing compared to him.

Thumb s.o.s 20 April 2018, 00:22

that's what people with low self esteem do!