Gemayel Sees in Elections 'Chance to Rectify Country's Course'


Kataeb Party chief MP Sami Gemayel on Sunday stressed that there is a “chance rectify the country's course” through the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“We have a chance in the elections to rectify the country's course,” Gemayel said during an electoral tour in Mount Lebanon.

He lamented that the ruling class' current approach is “full of lies and hypocrisy.”

“We belong to a school that has offered martyrs for the sake of the country and we don't know how to endorse the approach of hypocrisy,” Gemayel said.

Referring to Kataeb's participation in previous governments, the young leader said: “We tried to create change from within the ruling structure, but we found out that the interests in place have nothing to do with the national interest.”

“We, as an opposition consisted of five Mps, have created a debate in the country in the face of 120 MPs. These MPs succeeded in blocking the government's moves in files such as power ships and taxes,” Gemayel added.

“Today, as youths, opposition and impartial individuals who are willing to shun power and die for the country, we call on the people to choose upright and competent Mps, we call on them to practice accountability and place their confidence in individuals who have proved that they can honor their words,” Kataeb's chief added.

As for the latest CEDRE economic conference that was held in Paris to rally economic support for Lebanon, Gemayel said authorities have shied away from telling people that the participating countries “did not give us money for free, but rather to help Lebanon cope with the burden of keeping refugees on its soil.”

“They have not told people that the CEDRE conference was a debt conference and that this debt will be inherited by our children and grandchildren,” Gemayel went on to say.

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Thumb gma-bs-artist. 22 April 2018, 18:44

I don't mind his "martyrs" rhetoric, it's well deserved and more deserved than most. What irks me is his anti "ruling class" rants. IMHO that's were Sami shows his immaturity. The Kataeb have been front a center part and parcel of the "ruling class" since independence. The fact that they've been out of government for a couple of years doesn't give them the right to claim they're outsiders.

Thumb lebanonforever 23 April 2018, 15:23

wondering why Naharnet keep deleting certain posts and not others


Thumb whyaskwhy 23 April 2018, 20:44

So Gemayil is looking for his great grandson to follow in line and be a member of the Lebanese elite the Parliamentary members. He will get there the sheep are all over the hills in Lebanon waiting to be led.