Geagea Says Lebanese Forces Won't Vote for Berri

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The MPs of the Lebanese Forces' Strong Republic bloc will cast blank ballots in the vote to pick a new parliament speaker, LF leader Samir Geagea announced on Monday.

Geagea noted, however, that MP-elect Qaysar al-Maalouf will not abide by the bloc's decision.

“This is a continuation of the party's historic stance in this regard,” Geagea said after a meeting for the LF's new parliamentary bloc.

“Everyone knows how much we respect Speaker Nabih Berri and how we agree with him on several issues, that's why our blank vote is not against Speaker Berri but rather in line with our strategic stance,” the LF leader explained.

He also announced the bloc's nomination of its member Anis Nassar for the deputy speaker post, urging all other blocs to “vote for Nassar given what he represents at the political level.”

The Strong Republic bloc also decided to “unanimously endorse PM (Saad) Hariri for the premiership of the new government.”

Responding to a reporter’s question, Geagea noted that the LF has not coordinated its stance on the blank ballots with the Free Patriotic Movement, noting that “the FPM might vote for Speaker Berri.”

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Thumb thepatriot 21 May 2018, 23:06

Whoever votes Berri is a sellout and a thug!

Thumb gebran_sons 21 May 2018, 23:11

The Cedar Revolution apolitical crowd of millions that liberated Lebanon from the Syrian occupation in 2005 when all politicians and political dinosaurs were kneeling at its feet claiming this occupation is a fact of life, will no doubt again rise to liberate Lebanon from the Iranian occupation force mascaraing as resistance when everyone else is claiming Hizbollah’s arms are a fact of life and kneeling at its feet for political favor from FPM to M8 crowd. Lebanon will only be free, independent and democratic again when these millions of the Cedar Revolution crowd will rise again stating the fact that anyone supporting an organization armed, indoctrinated and financed by the criminal regimes of Iran and Syria is a traitor, and any politician not asking as first order of government to demarcate Lebanon’s borders and remove arms from all militias is equally a traitor and conspirator.

Thumb thepatriot 22 May 2018, 02:14

gebran_sons... I was in that crowd in 2005... I went down in the streets many times... and I went to many funerals... I will not forget gebrans at Mar Mitr... but I am afraid that 2005 will not happen again any time soon... I left the country, many others also left the country. We lost hope.
We were united by the rejection of Syria. Remember that March 14 gathering was a response to March 8th that had happened just a week before... People who had seen those Hezbollah traitors, gather to say "thank you Syria" were disgusted, and rejected this! There would have beeen no March 14th, without a March 8 first! Now Michel Aoun convinced his cattle of sheep followers to ally with those mercenaries... and those weak minded sheep are so desperate that they will do whatever their party will dictate them to do. March 14 gathering was not about a party, it was about the people... people who have now given up on hope. We will have to wait for the next generation...

Thumb gebran_sons 22 May 2018, 07:27

As far as the fake majority of Hizbollah, it is a majority of arm, oppression, mind control, degrading subsidies and intellectual darkness similar to the 99% approval of Saddam and Kadafi just before their fall. Soon the show will be over when Shia realize the long-term damage, isolation and impoverishment caused by Hizb. The Iranian Green Revolution is around the corner in both Iran and Dahie. As to FPM it is a paper tiger corrupt to the bones surviving by its faustian deal with Hizb, looting from ministries they control, and placing their agents at all levels of government and institutions in deals with other political dinosaurs. Lebanon has lost hundreds of billion since 2005 because of this duo. They have opened the back door to the criminal Syrian and Iranian criminal regimes to assassinate our freedom and democracy. But not for long!

Missing greatpierro 22 May 2018, 10:19

The Aounist with all the popularity and strong stances they have should show us some coherence and vote no for Berri

Missing rabiosa 22 May 2018, 17:01

The FPM is solely responsible for keeping the Hizb alive and active and even stronger in lebanon, because of their so called Memorandum of understanding. If it wasn't for them we would be in a totally different lebanon right now as explained perfectly by gebran_sons above