Berri Says 'Shiite Duo' Not Vetoing 'Sovereign Portfolio' for LF


Hizbullah and its Shiite ally AMAL Movement have no “veto” on the possibility of granting the Lebanese Forces a so-called sovereign ministerial portfolio in the new government, Speaker Nabih Berri has said.

“Berri was totally clear in telling (caretaker Information) Minister (Melhem) Riachi (of the LF) that he is helping PM-desingate (Saad) Hariri in his mission and that he has nothing to do whatsoever in the issue of sovereign portfolios that will go to Christians,” An-Nahar newspaper reported Sunday.

He said that “specifically AMAL Movement and Hizbullah are not vetoing the possibility of giving the LF a sovereign portfolio,” the daily added.

“Do not blame it on us,” Berri emphasized.

The Speaker also underlined that he will not accept a so-called majority government, warning that “the country cannot bear such a government” and voicing support for a “national unity and consensus government.”

The LF's share is one of the main obstacles delaying the formation of the new government.

The four so-called sovereign portfolios are defense, foreign affairs, finance and interior.

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Thumb justin 12 August 2018, 15:47

Berri Says 'Shiite Duo' Not Vetoing 'Sovereign Portfolio' for LF

So who is?

Thumb galaxy 12 August 2018, 16:30

according to the iranian terrorist militia it is all part of a Saudi Scheme.

Hizbullah Official: Govt. Delay May be Part of Saudi Scheme