Iran Unveils First Domestic Fighter Jet


Iran unveiled its first domestic fighter jet on Tuesday, with President Hassan Rouhani insisting that Tehran's military strength was only designed to deter enemies and was aimed at creating "lasting peace."

Images on state television showed Rouhani sitting in the cockpit of the new "Kowsar" fourth-generation fighter at the National Defense Industry exhibition in Tehran.

State media said it had "advanced avionics" and multi-purpose radar, and that it was "100-percent indigenously made" for the first time.

Footage of the Kowsar's test flights was circulated by various official media.

But live footage of the plane taxiing along a runway at the defense show was cut before it took off.

"When I speak of our readiness to defend, it means we seek lasting peace. If we lack readiness, we welcome war," Rouhani said in a televised speech shortly after.

"Some think when we increase our military power, this means we seek war. (But) this is peace-seeking because we don't war to happen," he added.

"If we don't have a deterrent... it gives a green light for others to enter this country."

The plane was first publicly announced on Saturday by Defense Minister Amir Hatami, who had said it would be unveiled on Wednesday.

He gave few details of the project, focusing instead on Iran's efforts to upgrade its missile defenses.

Hatami said the defence programme was motivated by memories of the missile attacks Iran suffered during its eight-year war with Iraq in the 1980s, and by repeated threats from Israel and the United States that "all options are on the table" in dealing with the Islamic republic.

"We have learned in the (Iran-Iraq) war that we cannot rely on anyone but ourselves. Our resources are limited and we are committed to establishing security at a minimum cost," he said in a televised interview.

The U.S. has sold hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons to Iran's regional rivals, but has demanded that Tehran curb its defence programs, and is in the process of reimposing crippling sanctions in a bid to force its capitulation.

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Thumb doodle-dude 21 August 2018, 11:25

It only flies domestically:)

Thumb galaxy 21 August 2018, 11:50

"But live footage of the plane taxiing along a runway at the defense show was cut before it took off."


Thumb Mystic 21 August 2018, 19:50

Let us see your beloved Saudi Arabs make a fighter jet themselves, or anything else for that matter.

Without uncle sam.

Thumb roflmfao 21 August 2018, 22:25

"live footage of the plane taxiing along a runway at the defense show was cut before it took off" that's called a truck not a plane

Thumb roflmfao 21 August 2018, 14:44

Wile E. Coyote super genius has got the Acme Corporation, Ali H. Khamenie super-imme leader has got the Tamiya Corporation.

Thumb whyaskwhy 21 August 2018, 19:26

To paraphrase Marvin the Marian, I am going to take over the world! ...err but first where is North??

Thumb shab 21 August 2018, 20:26

lol @ fourth-generation fighter

Thumb warrior 22 August 2018, 05:04

فضيحة جديدة تكشف حقيقة طائرة "كوثر" الإيرانية

كشف موقع "ذا أفييشنست" المختص بالطيران الحربي عن أن الصور واللقطات التي تم بثها للطائرة الحربية الإيرانية الجديدة "كوثر"، لم تكن بالحقيقة للطائرة الجديدة من "الجيل الرابع"، بل هي طائرة أميركية من طراز قديم.فضيحة-جديدة-تكشف-حقيقة-طائرة-كوثر-الإيرانية

Thumb justin 22 August 2018, 07:54


بالفيديو: فضيحة جديدة تكشف حقيقة طائرة “كوثر” الإيرانية

Thumb marcus 22 August 2018, 07:33

It will be flown by the mahdi