Berri Reassures on Lira, Says Only Parliament Can Interpret Constitution


Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri clarified Thursday that his latest warning on the economic situation was not related to the status of the Lebanese lira, as he emphasized that only Parliament is eligible to “interpret the Constitution.”

“The economic situation is dangerous and does not have the resilience it enjoyed during the eras of the formation of the previous governments,” Berri told a delegation from the Editors Syndicate.

The Speaker, however, reassured that “the lira situation is immune and we will not reach that stage” in which the Lebanese currency would face threats.

Turning to the controversy over the Cabinet formation process and the powers of the President and the Prime Minister-designate, Berri said: “The Constitution is definitely clear: the government is formed through the consensus of the President and the PM-designate, whereas the one who is tasked with putting it together is the PM-designate.”

“Only Parliament has the right to interpret the Constitution. Period,” the Speaker added.

Asked about who is to blame for the government delay, Berri said: “All of us, the issue is about greed.”

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Thumb warrior 06 September 2018, 19:17

The Lebanese Central Bank has Zero assets! Refer to the Economist recent report.

Thumb s.o.s 07 September 2018, 15:24

Strangely enough, everyone I know is converting his savings from pound to US dollar and some are transferring them to the UAE.