ISF Thwarts Terror Bomb Plot on Dahieh, Assassination of Army Troops

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Internal Security Forces, Intelligence Branch foiled terror schemes planning to target the area of Beirut’s southern suburbs of Dahieh and the assassination of army members, the ISF said in a statement on Monday.

As part of its efforts to combat terrorism, ISF was able to detect a suspect identified by his initials as W.R., Syrian. He was arrested in the Aramoun area, according to the statement.

He admitted during investigation to have infiltrated Lebanon’s border back in

2011. About two years ago, in the Sabra neighborhood, he got acquainted with individuals affiliated to the IS group, after which he himself was impressed by the organizations’ ideology through social networking websites.

He said he was able to pass this to another Syrian national identified as Aa.Kh.

The two have shared IS videos and publications including one showing how to make poison, grenades and booby traps.

They agreed to carry out terror attacks in Beirut’s southern suburbs, Dahieh, and agreed to assassinate army members, added the statement.

Aa.Kh. was arrested in the southern town of Ansar. He admitted that he had been illegally residing in Lebanon since 2014 with his father.

They were referred to the related authorities.

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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 10 September 2018, 11:21

Untold Heroics
Season 13 Episode 1300

Thumb galaxy 10 September 2018, 11:24

More 'credible' confessions obtained under torture. What did he admit to during investigation? that he entered Lebanon illegally:)!

Thumb janoubi 10 September 2018, 11:28

When Fantasy becomes Reality

Missing ysurais 10 September 2018, 13:10

around 1.3 million Syrian refugees,

and maybe as much illegally residing in Lebanon..

Thumb s.o.s 10 September 2018, 13:23

I don't trust the ISF nor do I believe them.... why this discredit? because they've proven to the entire nation and abroad to be corrupt and controlled by Iran.

Thumb eagle_eye 10 September 2018, 17:19

Every Muslim must watch this:

Important to all Muslims

Thumb tric.portugal 11 September 2018, 01:56

but the envagelics are not Cristhians!!! are Thora´s...

Thumb whyaskwhy 10 September 2018, 19:54

Sadly this is what Islam is turning into nowadays....