In Strasbourg, Aoun Rejects Linking Refugee Return to Political Solution in Syria


President Michel Aoun stressed Tuesday that Lebanon cannot wait for a “political solution” in Syria to repatriate the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees who live on its soil.

“Lebanon is seeking to secure a dignified and safe return for the displaced to their homeland,” Aoun said in a speech before the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

“It rejects any procrastination in this regard and endorses every support aimed at resolving the issue of the heavy Syrian refugee presence on its soil, such as the Russian initiative,” the president added.

Lebanon rejects that the refugee return be “confined to a political solution that might protract,” Aoun emphasized.

Russia launched an initiative in July to repatriate Syrian refugees from around the region.

The proposal has been welcomed by the political class in Lebanon, which reporrtedly hosts around 1.5 million Syrian refugees.

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Thumb s.o.s 11 September 2018, 15:25

We reject Aoun and what he incarnates.... corruption personified. These refugees are guests until bashar is tried for his ongoing genocide.

Thumb ex-fpm 11 September 2018, 15:38

Aoun Rejects Linking Refugee Return to Political Solution in Syria

Who is stopping you?! Call your boss in Damascus, put the refugees on buses and ship them back home and spare us more populist stances on the refugee issue.

Thumb justin 11 September 2018, 15:47

The irony is those who want to return have to obtain 'prior' approval by the assad regime in order to return to their own country!

Thumb fakenews 11 September 2018, 15:45

Mr President, instead of engaging in your usual cheep demagoguery, you should start by asking the Assad regime why is it still refusing to repatriate all the Syrian refugees who want to return to Syria. According of General Abbas Ibrahim Assad keeps refusing to take back about two third of the Syrians on the General Security Directorate lists of refugees who want to return.
Maybe you should ask minister Pierre Raffoul to inquire about this. He's spending most of his time in Damascus why not putting that time to good use. I'm sure that by now he's gotten all the baraze2 he could stand and he's free to do other things. And your highness, as long as Raffoul's at it maybe he can get some answers on the whereabouts and status of the Lebanese citizens that the Syrian regime kidnapped from Lebanon, many of them were your soldiers and activists stranded when you deserted and Raffoul's own comrades and brothers in arms in the Lebanese resistance.

Thumb whyaskwhy 11 September 2018, 17:26

What a hypocrite this quisling is! On one hand he says he does not accept the repatriation of the refugees to be conditional yet is he not the President who accepted to naturalize 300 terrorist Syrians? His Orangutang followers must be issued colored glasses as standard equipment!

Thumb tric.portugal 11 September 2018, 18:57

the Saudis( Mecas ) and USA( Evangelicals ) refuses the Russian ( Cristhian ) ilitar Plan for the return of the refugies in Lebanon...they defend the integration !!

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 12 September 2018, 01:30

You still refuse to spell Christians correctly. Is it because doing so offends your Ba'athist sensibilities so much after we whooped the arse of your SAA over and over and over again with very limited resources I might add.