Hizbullah Officials Warn over Continued Govt. Formation Delay

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Senior Hizbullah officials warned Sunday over the possible economic repercussions from the continued delay in the cabinet formation process.

“It is not possible anymore to speak of optimism or pessimism over the cabinet formation file,” Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem said.

“We don't know if the government will be formed in the near or distant future,” Qassem added, noting that “a new government is a popular demand and a real necessity.”

He added: “The country can neither run nor stabilize at the developmental and social levels and the economic issues cannot be addressed unless there is a government.”

Qassem's remarks were also echoed by Hizbullah central council member Sheikh Nabil Qaouq.

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Thumb s.o.s 21 October 2018, 17:04

Why would this Iranian care ?

Thumb chrisrushlau 21 October 2018, 17:54

If Hezbullah has to put Lebanon's Shia majority on the street to demand a quick resolution of this insider crisis, that might lead to those masses demanding "one person, one vote", an end to the guarantee of half of Parliamentary seats to Christians, which is a result Hezbullah seems dead-set against.

Thumb roflmfao 21 October 2018, 18:34

Shia majority?.. ¿Qué?.. ¿Dónde?.. In Lebanon?.. HAHAHAHA!!!

Thumb Mystic 21 October 2018, 20:25

Yes Shia are the majority in Lebanon, everybody knows that. But ofcourse immigrants such as yourself living in the U.S.A don't know.

Thumb roflmfao 22 October 2018, 00:18

No Shia majority except in your imagination.. not even after you count the apelike creatures of the southern suburbs.. the 1000s in the south progeny of Israeli occupation solders.. have a DNA test for your father.. your bothers.. sitsers and yourself.. ya might have an Israeli passport waiting for ya.. btw this habit of calling anyone who you don't like immigrant is over complicating for what.. unlike your immigrants.. the Iranian Moussa Sadr.. the Iraqi Mohammad Fadlallah.. the Sierra Leonean Nabih Berri.. I am proudly and unequivocally Lebanese..

Thumb roflmfao 22 October 2018, 00:23

Achrafieh born and bred.. didn't leave it when western boats were dispatched for us to immigrate in 1975.. didn't leave it when the PLO tried to invaded it.. didn't leave when the Syrian army tried to subdue it by starving it from within in 1978 or without after that.. didn't leave it when Hbeika and his Syrian mercenaries tried to overrun it in September 1986.. didn't leave it when Aoun wanted to destroy it to become president.. unlike your lot who run away every time an Israeli farts in your general direction.. aren't you embarrassed after Hassin started the war in 2006 and hid.. how you stood in line like cattle just to get on ships sent over by the very nations you despise.. they saved your worthless lives when Hassin was using your corpse as photo ops.. G'nite from Achrafieh little dude wherever you are..

Thumb s.o.s 22 October 2018, 09:29

Mystic is living in Dearborn, Mich6, pumping gas as daily income. He posts iranian propaganda to make ends meet.

Thumb thepatriot 22 October 2018, 12:33

Ya Mastica ya ahbal! What is a "majority" yaaa saki! Give us your numbers ... make us laugh (once again)...

Thumb Mystic 22 October 2018, 17:56

You are dogs with no teeths, as if Lebanese forces and the Phalangists had any honor, first you cry for Assad to save you in the 70s, and then you cry for Israel in the 80s to save yourselves.
Only strong against unarmed people, just like the Israelis.
Ofcourse you will always deny it even though I send many links before. The numbers inside Lebanon tells different, and there has not been an actual consensus for sometime.
There are enough Shia to keep Hezbollah afloat, majority or not.

sos, don't you have a shemale account norma.jean to attend to? We all know you are a transexual internet guy here on Naharnet.

Thumb thepatriot 23 October 2018, 10:22

LoL... and you made us laugh... again! You said "Shia are the majority everybody knows that"... thanks for answering that!

Thumb ado.australia 23 October 2018, 19:05

Mystic. Disappointed you are getting sucked in to making these comments. Christains faced the whole world forcing the Palestinians on Lebanon. The lebanese front were not toothless dogs but patriots trying to defend the republic of Lebanon against foriegn efforts to rip Lebanon apart and ethnically cleanse the country. It didn’t work then and now but the lessons learnt helped them in the Baulken countries. Ask any Serb. We need to release Lebanon of the burden of the refugees so we can build a proper country for all citizens

Thumb roflmfao 21 October 2018, 18:31

Nice speech Hajj "always a bridesmaid never a bride".. now go tell it to Hassin..

Thumb chrisrushlau 22 October 2018, 18:23

"Because the matter of religious balance is a sensitive political issue, a national census has not been conducted since 1932, before the founding of the modern Lebanese state." (Wiki) roflmfao raises an important point: how would a census determine which sect someone belongs to? Israel determines who is Jewish, I'm told, by reference to Russian imperial (Tsar-time, that is) records. This all explains in a nutshell why neither Lebanon nor Israel has rule-of-law. STL, anyone?

Thumb chrisrushlau 22 October 2018, 18:28

My authority for Shias being the majority of Lebanese is Noam Chomsky, who seems like the kind of guy who would know such a thing, because some highly placed officials and academics would indicate to him it was so. And as Mystic says, there are enough Shias in Lebanon to keep Hezbullah supreme (ask the IDF) and in fact legitimate according to the other parties. So why doesn't Hezbullah normalize the system by agitating for one-person, one-vote: get rid of the Article 24 set-aside of half of Parliament to Christians? Who profits from this warlord anti-system? This instability that NATO likes to call "stability"?