Hariri Meets Aoun, Speaks of 'Possible Solutions' for Govt. Crisis


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri held talks Monday in Baabda with President Michel Aoun after which he announced that there are “possible solutions” for the government formation crisis.

“We discussed several proposals regarding the government issue and there are possible solutions,” said Hariri after the meeting.

“There are parties who don’t want the government to be formed but let President Aoun continue his consultations,” Hariri added.

“I will continue my communication with him and I don’t want to be negative,” the PM-designate went on to say.

Commenting on reports that Parliament could withhold its confidence from Hariri and task someone else with forming the government, Hariri dismissed them as “mere Lebanese bickering.”

“The constitution is clear and I will continue my consultations after returning from abroad,” he added.

Aoun had earlier in the day met with Speaker Nabih Berri and media reports said that he intends to hold further political consultations over the coming days.

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Thumb natour 10 December 2018, 21:38

Once this problem is settled they'll create for him further delays with the ministerial statement.

Thumb libanaisresilient 11 December 2018, 02:26

"I don't want to be negative, I am chilling here, will continue my communication with the President by WhatsApp..." Lol

Thumb whyaskwhy 11 December 2018, 05:56

Yes and pigs will fly not to mention Nassrallah will see daylight too lol.