U.S. Didn't 'Veto' Giving Health Portfolio to Hizbullah


U.S. Assistant Secretary of State David Hale did not tell Lebanese leaders that the U.S. had a "veto" on the allocation of the health ministerial portfolio to a minister belonging to Hizbullah, a media report said.

"He only expressed unease over the allocation of this ministry to Hizbullah, seeing as it will have major engagement with international organizations and institutions that deal with the health sector and offer Lebanon financial and technical aid in this regard," sources told Asharq al-Awsat newspaper in remarks published Sunday.

"Hale did not express any negative signal suggesting that Washington is not willing to deal with a government in which Hizbullah is represented," the sources added.

"He was decisive on supporting Lebanon's stability and helping it implement U.N. resolution 1701, while strongly criticizing Hizbullah's role in the destabilization of Lebanon and the region, seeing as it implements the policies dictated on it by Iran," the sources went on to say.

The sources also noted that Washington was not "surprised" that Hizbullah was represented in the government but would "back efforts aimed at reining it in to prevent it from seizing control of Lebanon."

"Washington will maintain its support for Lebanon, because its absence would relieve the Defiance Axis and allow it to politically control the country," the sources said.

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Thumb ex-fpm 03 February 2019, 13:24

Hezbollah's insistence on getting the Health Ministry was purely financial. The terror party knows that cannabis will be legalized in Lebanon in the coming 3 months allegedly for medical use. The party will use this as pretext to pardon the thousands of wanted shia drug lords who will become 'authorized' suppliers to the Health Ministry. Additionally, all Hezbollah's drug activities will be given a 'legal' umbrella.

Thumb justice 03 February 2019, 14:05

very good point!

Thumb janoubi 03 February 2019, 15:30

U.S. Didn't 'Veto' Giving the whole of Lebanon to Hizbullah much like it didn't veto giving Iraq to Iran.

Thumb justin 04 February 2019, 09:14

talk talk and more empty talk

Thumb whyaskwhy 04 February 2019, 21:46

"He only expressed unease over the allocation of this ministry to Hizbullah," the same unease when the Taliban, Islamic state and Usama bin ladden were all created?
Just rhetoric but no action against the demonic regime of Iran