Two Rockets Fired from Gaza at Tel Aviv


Two rockets were fired from Gaza toward the greater Tel Aviv district on Thursday night, the Israeli army said, without giving further information.

Shortly before the army announcement alarm sirens sounded in Tel Aviv and neighboring towns, and Israeli media reported that Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system opened fire.

There were no immediate reports of any casualties or damage.

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Thumb s.o.s 14 March 2019, 22:17

Wow, two rockets a game changer definitely. How dumb these “militants” can be, they’ll provoke Israel and in return they’ll pound dozens of buildings and create more misery.

Unless the Palestinians can actuallly win a battle or a war, they should refrain from sending meaningless projectiles. Stupid mentality.

Thumb whyaskwhy 14 March 2019, 22:39

This is the mentality of Arabs when it comes to addressing their issues. Kizballah has been doing the same thing and so has Bashar and look at the war in Syria.
Palestinians will continue to get the same level of apathy from the world and nothing will change here.....
The Yids have it made it in the shade!

Thumb canadianleb 14 March 2019, 23:21

the Palestinians can't be any worse off.

Missing phillipo 15 March 2019, 16:30

Could you imagine the world reaction if the number of Palestinians killed in Gaza was the same as those killed in the Civil War in Syria. 370.000.
However when it is Arab/Moslem killing Arab/Moslem nobody cares, but when 2 Gazans trying to cross the border into Israel are even wounded, then the whole world complains.
Something stinks of anti-Israel bias here, not to mention anti-Semitism.

Thumb canadianleb 14 March 2019, 23:21

the Palestinians can't be any worse off.

Thumb whyaskwhy 15 March 2019, 15:53

And who is stopping them from improving their status CanLeb? they have support from the Arab world and that now includes the very caring Iran who is happy to liberate them supposedly? How well is that working for them? This madness will continue and Israel will respond in kind.