Saudi Held at Beirut Airport with 10 Kgs of Captagon


A Saudi man was arrested Sunday at Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport as he was attempting to smuggle Captagon narcotic pills to the United Arab Emirates.

The National News Agency said the man, H. al-Roueily, was detained in a joint operation between the Airport Security Apparatus and the army’s Intelligence Directorate.

He had around ten kilograms of Captagon in his possession.

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Thumb marcus 26 May 2019, 16:38

He bought the drugs from ashraf al nass. Will the army intelligence have the courage to arrest the supplier(s)?

Thumb janoubi 26 May 2019, 18:01

dream on!

Thumb s.o.s 26 May 2019, 23:32

The judges and cops never arrest manufacturers, they only arrest consumers. I beleive the same magistrates and cops are getting a cut from the sales because those who manufacture the drugs are the terrorists we know too well.

Thumb justice 28 May 2019, 08:35


Thumb s.o.s 28 May 2019, 11:12