Erdogan Blames Egypt 'Tyrants' for Morsi's Death


Turkish  President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday blamed Egypt's "tyrants" for the death of former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi who died in a Cairo hospital after fainting during a court session.

"History will never forget those tyrants who led to his death by putting him in jail and threatening him with execution," Erdogan, a close ally of Morsi, said in a televised speech in Istanbul.

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Thumb justice 18 June 2019, 11:47

says the tyrant himself! What about the thousands that you jailed, killed and tortured?

Thumb eagledawn 18 June 2019, 14:01

Turkey Orders Arrest of Dozens More over Alleged Coup Ties

Thumb s.o.s 18 June 2019, 14:41

Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood is financed by Qatar who happens to be Turkey and Iran’s best pals. Morsi is gone, the next one is endogan . It’s less likely for the Qatar sheikh unless a coup happens within the princely family. The Jamaa Islamiya in Lebanon should also be dismantled pronto.

Missing arturo 18 June 2019, 18:09

If Erdogan truly believes Egypt is responsible he should raise the issue at the UNHRC.