Report: U.S. Sanctions to Target Christian Ministers, Businessmen


U.S. sanctions will soon target Christian ministers and businessmen accused by Washington of aiding Hizbullah, a media report said.

“There is a lot of talk about U.S. sanctions on Hizbullah’s allies, especially those close to the presidency, the Free Patriotic Movement, the Marada Movement and the Syrian Social National Party,” al-Akhbar newspaper quoted “friends of Washington” as saying in remarks published Monday.

The U.S. administration sees “a need to expand the sanctions campaign to target politicians, including ministers, and businessmen who work inside and outside Lebanon, most of whom are supporters of the FPM, the Marada Movement and the SSNP,” the sources added.

Those who will be targeted are figures who are “close to FPM and Marada ministers as well as to the leaderships of the two movements,” the sources went on to say, noting that they are accused of facilitating Hizbullah’s transactions.

“Any sanctions will not be exclusively limited to fund transfer operations but will also completely impede the movement and travel of those targeted,” the sources added.

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Thumb lebanon_first 19 August 2019, 16:21

Berri is shitting in his pants. His 95 gas stations in michigan and texas are at risk

Thumb Puppet 19 August 2019, 18:34

Mrs. Lebanon first has earned my utmost respect and captured my wildest imagination for pointing out that Berri is indeed a Christian businessman allied with the presidency and may be included in the sanctions.

Thumb whyaskwhy 19 August 2019, 20:07

Good one Puppet, Lets hope that this does pan out and we see Clown and his circus get their just deserts!

Thumb zahle1 19 August 2019, 20:21

For these "Christians" that got involved through supporting these groups while in the USA I say: "Play stupid games and win stupid prizes". We don't need KSA either. We don't need Iran. The sooner folks figure that out the better.

Missing phillipo 20 August 2019, 09:46

USA is a friend of Israel - right?
Which is the only country in the whole Middle East where the Christian population is growing - Israel.
So how can the US be the killers of Christians in the Middle East?