Gemayel Hails ‘Uprising,’ Calls for Early Legislative Elections, Govt. Resignation


Kataeb party leader MP Sami Gemayel on Friday hailed Lebanon’s “uprising” as thousands of protesters thronged the streets calling for the government's resignation, Gemayel said a statement released by his office.

Gemayel said the current government must “resign” and that a government of “specialists” must replace it. He also called for early parliamentary elections.

“We told you that the Lebanese people are in anger, and urged you to leave with your own will but you chose to be expelled. I call upon all the Lebanese including members and friends of Kataeb to carry on with their protests,” said Gemayel.

“There is no room for fatigue, we will not let them stand in the way of the uprising, we will all stand firm under the banner of the Lebanese flag until the goal is achieved,” he added.

“The demands are crystal clear. We demand the immediate resignation of the government and the formation of a government of specialists to be tasked with saving the economic and living situation, and the preparation for early parliamentary elections. The Lebanese today have withdrawn their trust from the political class,” he concluded.

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