Report: Heavy Fighting between Syrian and Turkish Troops


Syria's state news agency is reporting intense clashes between government forces and Turkish troops in the country's north.

SANA said Saturday's clashes included heavy machine gun fire and occurred in the village of Um Shaifa near the town of Ras al-Ayn.

Turkey invaded Syria's northeast last month to push out Syrian Kurdish fighters near the border.

The Kurdish groups called in Syrian government forces to halt Turkey's advance.

Syrian government forces have clashed since with Turkish troops and Turkey-backed opposition fighters. Moscow has brokered a shaky truce in northern Syria, but sporadic clashes have continued.

Last week, Turkish forces captured 18 Syrian government soldiers in the area and set them free hours later following mediation by Russia.

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Thumb s.o.s 09 November 2019, 17:04

Stand with turkey on this one. Anyone fighting the Syrian regime gets my support.

Thumb Mystic 09 November 2019, 23:10

I thought you supported the democracy loving Kurds?

Syrian Army are fighting alongside those same Kurds now.