Report: New Proposal on Govt. Balances between Political Forces, Street Demands


Negotiations are underway over a new proposal for the formation of a new government which would “balance between the majority of political forces and the desire of street protesters,” a prominent ministerial source said on Tuesday.

“The meeting that was held yesterday between caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri and (caretaker Foreign) Minister Jebran Bassil was positive,” the source told MTV, noting that both Hariri and Bassil “are not setting preconditions, especially in terms of their personal presence in the government.”

Hariri had tendered his government's resignation on October 29 in response to pressure from unprecedented, massive and cross-sectarian street protests that have gripped Lebanon since October 17.

President Michel Aoun has delayed the binding parliamentary consultations for choosing a new premier in a bid to secure prior consensus on the premier and the shape of the new government.

The World Bank on Wednesday warned that the failure to quickly form a government that meets protesters' demands could lead to an even sharper economic downturn.

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Mnee7a hay, “ if you don’t let us dream we won’t let you sleep “ though I find it too soft to my taste because the country is sinking fast...

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