Hariri Meets Aides of Nasrallah, Berri, Wants Consensus on 'Competent' PM Candidate


Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri wants the new government to be led by a figure who can confront the economic challenges, a media report said.

“Consultations over the alternative are ongoing and Hariri wants to be a partner in facilitating things through securing consensus on a competent figure who can confront the economic challenges,” MTV quoted Center House sources as saying on Thursday evening.

“Reports that the camp concerned with the designation of a premier is awaiting answers about suggested candidates are baseless, because Hariri’s answers have been passed on to the presidency,” the sources added.

OTV meanwhile identified three figures nominated for the premiership as Mohammed Safadi, Osama Mekdashi and Walid Alameddine.

TV networks later reported that Hariri was meeting with Hizbullah secretary-general's aide Hussein al-Khalil and Speaker Nabih Berri's aide Ali Hassan Khalil.

"The meeting tackled the governmental situation after Hariri's insistence on heading an exclusively technocrat government to address the social and economic crisis, amid calls for forming a political government containing some technocrats that largely resembles the current government," LBCI TV said.

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Thumb beiruti 14 November 2019, 23:11

All true, but the problem is that Hariri is the strongest of the lot of available Sunni's to fill the PM post.

Thumb s.o.s 14 November 2019, 23:22


He was elected because the elections were rigged, tailored to have them re-elected indefinitely, all of them and Mustaqbal is one of them. So there’s no legitimacy in your claim that Hariri is the strongest of the lot, he’s a failed politician/businessman/husband.

I used to respect him, but he lost it a long time ago.

Thumb gebran_sons 14 November 2019, 23:54

Beiruti, Lebanon has tremendous talents. Just look at Lebanese achievements abroad. The main problem was our corrupt political system. I don't think the proposed PM and government will be accepted by demonstrators. This is our opportunity for a fresh start. Harriri would be OK if all cabinet is independent technocrats with impeccable honesty and expertise. The proposed cabinet baked by Hizb and FPM is a no go. This is no time for compromise. I hope we don't loose this opportunity for a real revolution. Kelon Yaani Kelon!

Thumb lebanonforever 15 November 2019, 00:22

sorry Beiruti... I cannot agree with you..

Using the word Sunni is part of the problem..

Which actually reminds us all what the revolution demands of the people is.. remove religion from this and especially the sad fact that a billionaire must be the za3im... this is where we fail..
The rich are out of touch from the people..

I hate to admit that I once believed Hariri.. but quickly realised he treats Lebanon as business deal and seeking the next best transaction to benefit him and the so called thugs that killed his late father..
The title of this article spells that out clearly...

Thumb libanaisresilient 15 November 2019, 01:37

There comes you @Beiruti trying to defend your imcompetent Bankrupt Boss here in this Forum. Don't you have shame?

Thumb lebanonforever 15 November 2019, 00:18

Why didn't they all get poisoned while they were together??

These meetings are just selfish deals...

The revolution which is the voice of majority of Lebanese are calling these guys to leave for this very reason...

everyday they delay, play politics, they're insulting us