FPM Nominee Pulls from Bar Association Vote over 'Situation' in Lebanon


The candidate of the Free Patriotic Movement for the post of president of the Beirut Bar Association, Georges Nakhle, announced Sunday that he withdrew from the race over “reasons related to the general situation in Lebanon.”

“I leave the full freedom to the colleagues who support me to choose the appropriate candidate,” he added.

MTV later announced that those who were elected as members eligible to run for the chief post were Melhem Khalaf, Pierre Hanna, Saadeddine al-Khatib, Nader Kaspar and Ibrahim Musallem.

This year’s vote comes amid an unprecedented popular uprising in the country against the entire political class.

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Thumb thepatriot 17 November 2019, 18:04

When you know you have no chance... you withdraw.
When your own party supports another candidate, you withdraw.