Report: Two Equations Govern Formation of New Govt.


The political forces have floated two equations to form the new government amid ongoing delay, a media report published Monday said.

According to al-Akhbar newspaper, the first equation is a government led by Saad Hariri but not containing Jebran Bassil while the other is a government in which the two men would be both inside or outside the government.

If the parties don’t lean to any of the two equations anytime soon a “new postponement” of the binding parliamentary consultations to name a new PM “will not be surprising,” the daily added, citing political sources.

The Presidency on Sunday postponed the consultations from Monday, Dec. 9 to Monday, Dec. 16, after Dar al-Fatwa told the candidate Samir Khatib that there is Sunni consensus on re-nominating Hariri for the post.

The main political parties, including Hariri’s al-Mustaqbal Movement, had reached consensus on Khatib’s nomination in recent days.

Hariri stepped down on October 29, bowing to pressure from unprecedented street protests.

The protest movement that has swept the country since October 17 has demanded the appointment of an independent technocrat government and an overhaul of the entire political system.

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Thumb thepatriot 09 December 2019, 14:11

Both out!
Get Lost!!

Thumb just-lebanese 09 December 2019, 15:48

Umm, that's 3 equations, but I guess algebra isn't this government's strong suit since they're having the hardest time understating this simple equation: Kellon ya3ne kellon = Kellon ya3ne kellon

Thumb chrisrushlau 09 December 2019, 20:24

Political mathematics in Lebanon, two equations, 1=0 and, well, I can't think of the other one.

Thumb oompa.loompa 10 December 2019, 18:47

That's right chris you can't think, that's been established. And no, mathematics in Lebanon are the same as everywhere else. Only an moron such as yourself thinks 1=0 and 32% is more than 50%, well, and maybe also Noam Chomsky.

Thumb whyaskwhy 10 December 2019, 01:30

Lol I was thinking the same thing J-L then I did a re check and realized that this is two dweebs with two equations but a variable on the second lol! I seriously doubt Hariri or Imbecile could either do a variable equation and so its another reason for the results they both have attained from years of dis-service to Lebanon....

Thumb beiruti 09 December 2019, 15:57

So the hold up in forming a government is to find a way for Gebran Bassil to be included. Father in law looking out for son in law?? Isn't this the exact reason for the people being in the streets? Corrupt nepotism? Brunt of most of the criticism of the street demonstrations is none other than Gebran Bassil as the master thief, making of himself a billionaire while in "public service." This will calm the street? They will all go home comforted by the thought that all is well. The government will be formed and the same people will be stuffing their private pockets with the people's money. Aoun has lost touch with his country

Thumb s.o.s 09 December 2019, 16:14

A photograph of two major thieves... if only they were stealing but were competent at the same time you know, like Carlos Ghosn.... but they’re totally incompetent and are stealing much more than the former PDG of the largest carmaker company.

Missing rami 10 December 2019, 15:39

Ils ont tellement volé, qu'ils ne savaient plus quoi faire pour arnaquer le peuple. L'idée de taxer le Whatsapp, faut le faire. On me dit qu'il y aura bientôt une taxe qui sera appliquée sur le nombre de fois que chaque Libanais tire la chasse d'eau par jour quand il va aux toilettes. Si t'as la diarrhée, t'es foutu.