Jumblat Says Lebanon and Mt. Lebanon 'on Brink of Hunger'


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat has warned that the Chouf and Aley regions and the entire country are “on the brink of hunger” due to the dire economic crisis.

“The economy is on the verge of collapse if it is not already collapsing. Lebanon cannot continue on the same path it has followed for tens of years – a country of services, tourism, hotels, restaurants and banks without production – this is unhealthy,” said Jumblat in a phone call with a number of Lebanese expats in the U.S. and Canada, according to Lebanon’s official news agency.

“There is also a need to control legitimate and illegitimate border crossings, because the source of income in Lebanon has various standards,” he added.

He warned: “Lebanon and Mount Lebanon are on the brink of hunger, that’s why the party’s preliminary steps are backing needy families with diesel for a period of four months, distributing food parcels as of December 1 and encouraging the cultivation of wheat, lentil and grains.”

“We are in the beginning of a long or rather very long crisis. The old Lebanon has ended but what’s more important is endurance in Mount Lebanon,” Jumblat added.

As for his bloc’s vote for former Lebanese ambassador to the U.N. Nawaf Salam in the binding parliamentary consultations to name a new premier, Jumblat said he chose Salam because he supports “change.”

“He is a reputable man who does not belong to the political class that we know and I wonder why (caretaker PM Saad) Hariri and the Lebanese Forces did not support him. This is a mistake, unless they want to keep the old system,” the PSP leader added.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 23 December 2019, 20:30

He should be paying for the many who are hungry in Lebanon.

Thumb s.o.s 23 December 2019, 20:43

He’s Definitely one of those who stole tens of billions of dollars since the civil war.

Around WWI, it was the Turks and France behind Lebanon’s Great Famine. A century later it’s Iran and the West... History repeats itself. Of course, they couldn’t succeed without local accomplices namely Aoun, Nasrala and the others.

Thumb _citizen_ 24 December 2019, 01:37

yeah right, stop leaking shia news.

Thumb warrior 24 December 2019, 01:43

16- Gebran Bassil $ 12.5 billion
17- Michel Aoun $ 9 billion
18- Hassan Nassrallah $ 25 billion

Now the list is somehow complete.

Missing keserwaniaseel 24 December 2019, 22:47

Lol @ warrior

Thumb s.o.s 24 December 2019, 02:37

What’s your source*?

*off the top of your head

Thumb liberty 24 December 2019, 06:25

The fpmleaks at it again.

Thumb s.o.s 24 December 2019, 07:54

lmao fpmleaks, eh walla, it's leaking in all directions.
he keeps on insulting our intelligence for really underestimating us this much.

everybody knows it costs hundreds of millions of dollars per annum to run a TV channel, where did Aoun get the billions over the years? not from the silly adverts they air for 2 cents.

Who owns TV channels today in Lebanon? the biggest thieves! NBN, OTV, Manar terror networks etc.

Thumb turmos 24 December 2019, 17:17

well said

Missing keserwaniaseel 24 December 2019, 22:50

Sos aoun built his tv station from money that he and his miracle son in law collected from their supporrers worldwide during their trips for that sole purpose and put the ownership in their name