Diab Says Solutions 'Not Difficult', Slams Acts of Vandalism


Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Friday noted that economic and financial solutions are “not difficult” to achieve, during a meeting with a delegation from Economic Committees.

“The meeting coincides with the meetings of the panel drafting the ministerial Policy Statement, so that the Committees can be a partner in this drafting,” Diab told the delegation, which was led by ex-telecom minister Mohammed Choucair.”

“I know well that the economic institutions’ situation is difficult and I know that they are resisting the circumstances and facing major challenges,” Diab added.

“The situation in the entire country and across all sectors is facing difficulties, but we must be a little patient, on the hope that the government will be able to make an achievement that would lead to overcoming the crisis that Lebanon is going through,” the PM went on to say.

Commenting on the recent protests that turned violent in central Beirut, Diab said “unfortunately, those destroying institutions are distorting the image of the real protest movement and its reformist goals.”

He added: “I know your keenness on the country, that’s why I call on you to continue despite the hardships, because the solutions are not difficult, and God willing we will manage to alter the course of deterioration so that the economy restores its cycle.”

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Thumb roflmfao 31 January 2020, 17:27

Dudes.. sure.. I believe him.. OK folks... Move Along... Nothing to See Here... It's all being taken care of... Happy days are here again...

Missing samiam 01 February 2020, 10:18

Lol--solutions 'not difficult'. If they aren't difficult, then do something---imo, the problem is that they WON'T be able to do something. There will be no help from anyone unless big time reforms are put in and enforced, and they want to avoid doing that.

I see a problem.