Diab Tells Cabinet Protest Movement Must Take Part in Ministerial Panels


President Michel Aoun said Thursday that “measures will be taken to pinpoint every person’s responsibility, especially as to the transfer of sums of money in an illegal manner that aggravated the severity of the crisis.”

Aoun was speaking at the beginning of the weekly Cabinet session in Baabda.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab for his part said the government has started “the first step towards addressing the accumulations of 30 years of wrong policies which plunged the country into the current collapse.”

He also stressed that “figures from the popular protest movement must be added to the (ministerial) committees, each according to their expertise.”

Hoping that the meetings with the IMF will lead to results that "will help the country on the financial, social, economic and living conditions levels," Diab said public debt has "hemorrhaged state funds" and added that corruption and overspending have also emptied state coffers.

Information Minister Manal Abdul Samad meanwhile told reporters that the issue of paying the due Eurobonds “was not discussed today,” adding that “it is being tackled by the specialized committees.”

The Cabinet also decided to “devise a mechanism to implement the content of the Policy Statement according to a roadmap that has already been approved,” the minister said.

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