Education Minister Circulates ‘Prevention Plan’ over Coronavirus


Education Minister Tarek Majzoub on Saturday circulated a national plan of preparedness to respond to the deadly coronavirus outbreak should cases start to proliferate in Lebanon, the National News Agency reported.

"The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has prepared, in cooperation with related authorities, international organizations and local institutions, a national plan of action to prevent spread risks of Coronavirus,” the circular said.

It noted that "the health official charged with carrying out the task will be responsible for the plan implementation and will organize awareness-raising meetings with parents, individually or collectively, according to the requirements of the situation."

Members should dedicate 20 minutes of information on how to prevent coronavirus with a focus on appropriate hygiene standards, such as sneezing hygine, hand-washing, and correct behavior using disposal methods.

The circular also called on parents "not to send any student complaining of symptoms, such as a fever (38 ° C or higher), coughing, and shortness of breath."

The circular indicated that it was necessary for students, school employees and parents to contact the Ministry of Education on its hotline instantly (01772186) in confirmed cases.

The outbreak which began in December has already killed more than 2,200 people and infected more than 75,500 in China.

Lebanon recorded its first case on Friday in a 45-year-old Lebanese woman who had traveled from Qom in Iran.

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Thumb justin 22 February 2020, 15:39

Another good for nothing so called expert minister! His plan was to issue a brochure to schools, that's it! Issue masks, disinfectants, body thermal imaging equipment !


Missing peace 22 February 2020, 19:49

this gvt seems to avoid taking decisions: they just put the responsabilities on others and then they can say: "it's not our fault! we told them!"
this is not governance.
and they pretend to solve the crisis we are in? let me laugh!

Thumb galaxy 23 February 2020, 13:33

go 'Observe' what other countries are doing, idiot.

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 23 February 2020, 15:32