Lebanon Confirms 9 New Virus Cases amid Alarming Tests in Akkar


Lebanon on Sunday confirmed nine new COVID-19 coronavirus cases, which raises the country's tally to 911, the Health Ministry said.

It said five of the nine cases were recorded among the residents and the other four among repatriated expats.

It added that 17 tests will be repeated for confirmation as the National News Agency said the 17 suspected cases were recorded in the Akkar town of Jdeidet al-Qaytaa after 124 tests were made.

“This issue has created a state of general health mobilization in the governorate and at the Health Ministry,” NNA added.

The head of the epidemiological surveillance department at the ministry, Dr. Nada Ghosn, will arrive in the afternoon at the Halba government hospital to assess things on the ground, the agency said.

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