Hasan Expects 2-Week Extension of 'General Mobilization'


Health Minister Hamad Hasan on Tuesday said he expects the government to extend the so-called state of general mobilization in the face of the coronavirus pandemic for another two weeks.

“I expect the state of general mobilization to be extended by two additional weeks, seeing as the World Health Organization recommends continued precautions,” Hasan said in remarks to the National News Agency.

He added that the Ministry will carry on with its testing campaign across the country as part of its plan to “contain the pandemic and prevent its spread.”

Hasan also lauded the drop in the numbers of infections among residents over the past days.

Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi meanwhile announced after a Cabinet session that the odd-even rule for vehicles will continue in the coming days.

The government had imposed the state of general mobilization on March 15. The measures include a nighttime curfew, the rationing of the movement of vehicles and the banning of gatherings.

The government has largely relaxed lockdown measures in recent days, allowing most businesses and institutions to reopen while observing precaution measures.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 03 June 2020, 04:32

You can add another 3 months it wont make a differnece the people are starving ya Hassoun and the will soon be comming after you.