UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Briefs UN Security Council


United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis, and Jean-Pierre Lacroix, the Undersecretary-General for Peace Operations, briefed the Security Council on Tuesday in a virtual session that discussed the UN Secretary General’s latest report on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1701, prior to the extension of UNIFIL’s mandate expected by the end of August, the UN said in a statement.

All Council members expressed appreciation for UNIFIL and its contribution to stability. They called on all parties to fully implement resolution 1701 (2006) and to cease violations, calling on Lebanese authorities to facilitate full implementation of UNIFIL’s mandate.

Kubis in his briefing also informed about positions and requests of the Constitutional and political leaders but also of the civil society and eminent Lebanese personalities, related to current developments and challenges.

In the aftermath of last Tuesday’s terrible explosion at the Port of Beirut, the Council members reiterated their solidarity, strong support through urgent humanitarian assistance and commitment of the international community to Lebanon and its people.

They highlighted a strong coordinating role of the UN. They expressed their sympathies and condolences to the families of the victims and wished a speedy recovery of the injured, including UN staff and peacekeepers.

Noting yesterday’s resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab and his Cabinet, Kubis emphasized the importance of avoiding a prolonged period of governmental vacuum. He urged the rapid formation of a new government that meets the aspirations of the Lebanese people and enjoys their support, a government that can address the urgent and many challenges facing the country, break with the corrupt practices of the past.

“There are immediate humanitarian needs that need to be addressed and necessary reforms that need to be undertaken without any delay to restore the trust of the Lebanese people, and of the international community in Lebanon,” said Special Coordinator Kubis.

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Missing levant 12 August 2020, 10:55

Bloody Typical bureaucratic UN waffle talk...can never say it as they see it. Get rid of the corrupt dogs and hizbi cancer as well as renew the UN mandate with greater powers or do you need trouble to remain so you have a guaranteed lifetime job at the UN Mr kubis?