Carlos Ghosn Launches Initiative to Help his Native Lebanon


Former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn made a new public appearance in Lebanon Tuesday during which he launched an initiative with a local university to help the country that is undergoing a severe economic and financial crisis.

It is Ghosn's second appearance in public since he was smuggled from Japan in late December to his ancestral Lebanon. In early January, Ghosn gave a news conference in Beirut saying he fled because he could not expect a fair trial, was subjected to unfair conditions in detention and was barred from meeting his wife under his bail conditions.

Ghosn said that the initiative with the Maronite Christian Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, USEK, titled Moving Forward, aims to launch a top executive management program, a training center on new technologies and to support startups.

"The objective is certainly serving this institution ... but also serving the society and the country," Ghosn said in an opening speech. "Lebanon needs to create jobs."

Lebanon is mired in the country's worst economic and financial crisis in its modern history. It defaulted on paying back its debt for the first time ever in March, and the local currency has collapsed, leading to hyperinflation and soaring poverty and unemployment. Talks with the International Monetary Fund on a bailout package have stalled.

Many Lebanese consider Ghosn as one of the country's heroes in diaspora who succeeded in turning troubled companies into profit making ventures. Some have suggested that Ghosn should be given a governmental post in Lebanon to get the country that is notorious for corruption and mismanagement out of its troubles.

Since arriving in Lebanon, Ghosn gave interviews during which he repeatedly said he is innocent of allegations he under-reported his future income and committed a breach of trust by diverting Nissan money for his personal gain.

In January, Lebanon received the Interpol-issued wanted notice, which is a non-binding request to law enforcement agencies worldwide that they locate and provisionally arrest a fugitive.

Lebanese authorities say Ghosn entered Lebanon on a valid passport, casting doubt on the possibility they would hand him over to Japan.

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Thumb whyaskwhy 29 September 2020, 15:07

Lol he falls in line with all our heroes of the past like el Namrood and el Zir a crooked minded person who we should look upto for his trickery. The way we continue forward in about 300 years kids will be talking about Embcaile being a smart person who beat the system through his corrupt ways. Yes lets go ahead and idolize this crook he meets with the criteria of a Lebanese hero.

Thumb s.o.s 29 September 2020, 17:06

Couldn’t have said it better YaskY.

Thumb gebran_sons 29 September 2020, 15:51

Thanks Carlos, Lebanon can certainly benefit from your knowledge and contacts. We know most CEOs abused their power way worse than you did, but none had your achievement in rescuing Nissan from bankruptcy, leading electrification with Leaf, and successfully managing multiple companies. Japan was no doubt unhappy with Renault influence and you were the victim. Anyway Lebanon today has extremely skilled engineers and low salaries (thanks to Hizb/Aoun duo). After Hizb disarmed and democracy restored (hopefully soon), why not the next Tesla Gigafactory or similar in Lebanon to serve the region? It is 90% automated but requires skilled engineers to maintain it and adapt its software and technology. Why not bring the Boring company to create tunnels for trucks btw coast and Bekaa? Why not joining Dubai and Israel in space exploration and technology? Why not….

Thumb thefool 29 September 2020, 16:53

I agreed with you on Ghosn, and the current needs, all the way to the point, where Israel would be involved in our near future.

Yes, Lebanon & Israel needs to get into discussion about the near future; and it involves solutions to problems. We have issues with a country that ravaged our infrastructure, discriminately killed Lebanese citizens in multiple aggressions, the return of Palestinians refugees, and the maritime EEZ & land border (Shebaa).

Thumb gebran_sons 29 September 2020, 17:12

No Arab country will benefit more from a peace deal with Israel than Lebanon. Gulf nations may have money and managers, but we have the engineers and creative business spirit. Gulf nations may have sky scrapers and resorts, but we have tourist areas, nice weather, winter snow resorts, cultural vibrancy and sophisticated intellectual scene. Gulf nations may have best airlines but we have common borders for frequent daily trips. A peace will render the south the most valuable land in Lebanon and the natural location for joint ventures and mini Silicon Valleys. As to refugee camps, Germany took in one year more refugees than all Palestinians in Lebanon. So easily solved. Look at Berny Sanders most pro-Palestinian US candidate. Natanyahu only elected thanks to Hizb arms.

Thumb thefool 29 September 2020, 16:52

If the discussions with Israel next month, focus solely on the maritime border, means Israel isn't looking at the near future. Lebanon openly said that this attempt, with the approval of Hezbollah, already a big step from the Lebanese side, to discuss solutions (maybe not all of them), while taking into consideration that Israel is a threat to Lebanon, and Hezbollah can be a nuisance to Israel. Israel is pushing Lebanon up to a point where Hezbollah may have to act, and this is the near future.

The talks with Israel next month should discuss "solutions".

Thumb s.o.s 29 September 2020, 19:23

He should be behind bars.... he shook hand with Perez as seen on other photos just like Aoun was seen shaking hands with Ariel Sharon the butcher of Beirut right after the exactions.

Thumb tric.portugal 29 September 2020, 20:46

Must be a minister! Everybody know that cristhians of Lebanon are persecuted international by the gangue jews+whabis

Thumb whyaskwhy 30 September 2020, 01:49

I love how some of you talk about getting Carlos's experience to turn Lebanon around and some even go as far as having him create a disney land for us and maybe a bridge to Crete too why not right? If he is Lebanese he would more than likely sell you out at the first intersection and claim you did not let him do his work. Little have you learned from the past and little will you learn from the comming future. If you yourself do not become part of what makes the change then you continue to beleive in Santa comming to the rescue....anytime now with a new merry go round and red shoes....