Dahieh, Deir Qoubel to Enforce Strict Lockdown Measures


Mount Lebanon Governor Mohammed Makkawi on Tuesday approved a request from the municipal union of Beirut’s southern suburbs, known as Dahieh, for enforcing strict lockdown measures aimed at curbing a spike in coronavirus cases.

The governor also approved a similar request from the municipality of the Aley district town of Deir Qoubel.

The Beirut southern suburbs of Ghobeiri, Haret Hreik, Bourj al-Barajneh, Mreijeh, Tahwitat al-Ghadir and al-Laylaki are under the authority of the Dahieh municipal union.

The governor’s memo cited laxity in abiding by individual and collective precautionary measures.

The memo bans all types of social occasions, parties and gatherings and orders the closure of all cafes, street vending kiosks, gaming shops, children zones, indoor sport clubs, gyms and public parks.

Restaurants will meanwhile be allowed to remain open but will have to operate within 50% of their customer capacity and will be obliged to remove 50% of their tables and chairs while the serving of shisha will be fully banned.

Municipalities will also be authorized to oversee the strict implementation of lockdown measures in terms of social distancing, precaution and staying home unless it is extremely necessary to go out.

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