Qahwaji among 8 Retired Military Figures Indicted over Alleged Graft


A Lebanese prosecutor Wednesday indicted eight retired military figures including ex-army chief General Jean Qahwaji over "illicit enrichment," a judicial source said, in a first under a new anti-graft law.

Popular anger has grown in the past year over alleged corruption among the political elite in Lebanon, where a dire economic crisis has pushed the poverty rate up to more than half the population.

Since mass protests erupted in October 2019, the under-fire ruling class has repeatedly pledged to root out graft, and this year the parliament passed a new law to combat illicit enrichment.

But critics have expressed little trust in a system they say is riddled with nepotism.

Those accused of graft on Wednesday included former army chief Qahwaji, who held the post from 2008 to 2017, and several former military intelligence chiefs, the judicial source said.

The Beirut state prosecutor launched proceedings over their alleged "illicit enrichment, and using their official positions to reap vast wealth," the source said.

A preliminary investigation showed a lack of correlation between their wealth and their income, the source said, adding that they would be questioned on December 10.

The official National News Agency said it was the first time such indictments were made since the law was passed.

It also made mention of a bank that several years ago had allegedly allowed Qahwaji and members of his family to deposit sums of up to $1.2 million in their accounts, without justification as to the origin of the funds.

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Thumb Ivanka 02 December 2020, 18:05

Illicit enrichment should start from the president, his daughters, his son-in-law, his party, the current heads of every security agency including the army, judges, ministers, members of parliament, and all high ranking officials.

Thumb galaxy 02 December 2020, 18:08

Not that those mentioned above are not corrupt, but to single them out is pure vendetta on Aoun's part.

Aoun never liked Qahwaji because he did not follow his orders nor did he openly support Aoun's bid for the presidency.

But corrupt they are, yes !

Thumb galaxy 02 December 2020, 18:12

MP Aoun warns LAF Commander Kahwaji against dragging the army into a confrontation with the people

On another note, Aoun stressed that the Lebanese army should not be placed in confrontation with a peaceful protest, accusing the Lebanese Armed Forces Commander General Jean Kahwaji of politicizing the military institution by illegally serving some politicians' interests.
He also warned Kahwaji against dragging the army troops into a confrontation with the people.

Thumb barrymore 02 December 2020, 18:14

قادة وضباط لا نشاهدهم الا في الحفلات والمناسبات وقادة وضباط لا تعرفهم الا الثكنات والجبهات. جنود ورتباء يستشهدون وضباط يجمعون المال والعقارات. رواتبهم معروفة ولا تتجاوز في حدها الأقصى عشرة ملايين ليرة فكيف يملك 8 ضباط مع زوجاتهم وأولادهم 325 عقاراً.

العماد جان توفيق قهوجي – قائد الجيش السابق - 38 عقاراً

العميد كميل نصار ضاهر - مدير المخابرات الأسبق - عقارين

العميد ادمون انطونيوس فاضل – مدير المخابرات الاسبق - 24 عقاراً

اللواء المتقاعد عبد الرحمن شحيتلي – مدير عام الإدارة –123 عقار

العميد جورج خليل خميس – مدير فرع مخابرات بيروت – 15 عقاراً

العميد عامر عبد الهادي الحسن – مدير فرع مخابرات الشمال - 47 عقاراً

العميد محمد جعفر إبراهيم الحسيني – مدير مكتب قائد الجيش السابق جان قهوجي - 70 عقاراً

الرائد في الامن العام احمد محمد الجمل المعروف بسمسار المدرسة الحربية - 6 عقارات

من أين لهؤلاء الضباط هذه الثروة؟ وكيف جُمعت كل هذه العقارات؟

Thumb justin 02 December 2020, 18:40

All inheritance from rich fathers:)

Thumb barrymore 02 December 2020, 18:20

Please, please read this and look at the pictures!

Luxury Lifestyle Of This Lebanese Customs Officer Is Raising A Lot Of Questions

Audi R8 and an Aston Martin DB9 registered to him.
Several Rolex Watches

Thumb justin 02 December 2020, 18:41

Must be inheritance from a rich father:) Just like Bassil

Thumb janoubi 02 December 2020, 18:36

What about Qahwaji's 42 foot yacht and his son's 2 Ferraris?

Thumb justin 02 December 2020, 18:48

Ok then, what about this:

October 20, 1990
"The Lebanese government has refused to allow Aoun and his aides to leave, and is insisting the general face justice for crimes including the theft of at least $75 million from the state treasury."

Thumb justin 02 December 2020, 18:52

"In one of the key conditions for granting the pardon for war crimes, Aoun was banned for five years from political activities or attempting to return to Lebanon. However, he was not exempted from a charge of embezzling state funds. A sum of $31 million is being contested; Aoun insists it was money donated to him by supporters, while the government wants the money."

Thumb barrymore 02 December 2020, 19:35

"ليبانون ديبايت"

تَدخّل مرجعٌ رئاسي لـ "تنييم" ملف مدير عام في الدولة، لدى ديوان المحاسبة، محسوب عليه بعدما تبين وجود مخالفات مالية كبيرة بحقه واختلاسات، بلغت مئات الاف الدولارات.

Missing samiam 02 December 2020, 20:01

Probably should ask Barry on how he became one of the largest landowners in Lebanon on a government salary. Maybe he should write a book on how he did that.

Thumb ex-fpm 02 December 2020, 21:29

They are all corrupt.... every single one of those in power.

Default-user-icon cocoman (Guest) 03 December 2020, 11:10

Nobody is clean in this country... They should all hang