Major Surprise Expected in Port Blast Investigations


The “coming days will carry a bombshell surprise” regarding the catastrophic August 4 explosion at the port of Beirut, legal sources said.

“This file will not be closed and the investigation will not stop, no matter how much they try to besiege the judiciary,” the sources told the al-Anbaa newspaper of the Progressive Socialist Party.

“Heavyweight figures shall be targeted,” the sources added.

Recent media reports have linked the ammonium nitrate shipment that exploded at the port to pro-regime Syrian businessmen.

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Thumb justice 24 January 2021, 14:25

There will be no bombshell surprise. The president and his cronies know what's going on in the investigation on an hourly basis. They will not incriminate themselves or their bosses in Hezbollah.

Missing un520 24 January 2021, 15:03

Prepare for a bombshell surprise, courtesy of Hezbollah. Who will they asassinate this time?

Missing geo75 24 January 2021, 15:12

Too good to be true...

Thumb geom1975 24 January 2021, 15:32

Unicorns exist not so?

Thumb lebanon_first 24 January 2021, 17:05

Stop beating around the bush.

There are 3 culprits:

The real boss of the port: nabih berri
The boss of berri: hassan nasrallah
And the boss of nasrallah: khamenei

Default-user-icon Ziad (Guest) 24 January 2021, 22:59

I think we have a better chance to know who killed Kennedy, rather knowing what REALLY happened.

Default-user-icon Me (Guest) 25 January 2021, 08:52

Hahaha...really?????let it b on the first anniversary