Audit Bureau Prosecutor’s Decision on Red Diesel Scandal within 2 Days

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The Audit Bureau’s general prosecutor, Bassam Wehbe, is expected to review an investigation report on the red diesel scandal and issue his decision within the next two days, An Nahar daily reported Tuesday.

According to the daily, head of the Bureau Judge Aouni Ramadan referred on Monday the report to Wehbe, including the investigation carried out by two inspectors who visited the Deir Ammar and Zahrani refineries.

An Nahar daily quoted sources involved in the investigation as saying on Sunday that the probe focused not on the huge amount of red diesel sold on January 18 - the last day of the government subsidy of LL3,000 per jerry can - but on who gave the orders to the refinery of Deir Ammar in the North to extend working hours to deliver these quantities to oil distribution companies.

The sources said the employees at the refinery worked beyond 2:00 pm on January 18 to 2:30 am the next day, meaning working hours were extended by 12 and a half hours.

Some officials have pointed their fingers at Energy Minister Jebran Bassil, saying he had given preferential treatment to the companies in the North for election purposes.

The scandal erupted after citizens began complaining of red diesel shortages during the subsidy period. Then reports began emerging that around 8 million liters were sold to the distribution companies hours before the end of the one-month period at subsidized prices.

The companies allegedly made millions of dollars in benefits by selling those amounts at the nonsubsidized price.

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