Azerbaijan Says Arrested Attack Plotters 'Linked to Hizbullah, Iran'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Police in Azerbaijan have arrested an unspecified number of people linked to Iran and Hizbullah suspected of planning attacks in the country, Azerbaijan’s state television said Tuesday.

State broadcaster AzTV, quoting the National Security Ministry, said police had detained people linked to Iranian intelligence services and Hizbullah who intended to stage attacks on foreign citizens in the country.

The report said the suspects had gathered intelligence on targets and bought explosives, guns and ammunition, but gave no further details.

The report comes after a car bomb last week critically injured an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi while Georgian officials defused a second device in Tbilisi.

A suspected Iranian bomber had his legs blown off as he hurled a grenade at Thai police. Israel blamed Iran for the attacks which came at a time of heightened tensions over Tehran's nuclear program.

A senior Israeli security official warned on Friday that Iran and Hizbullah were planning to carry out “new” anti-Israeli attacks around the world after the incidents in India, Thailand and Georgia.

Police in mainly Muslim but officially secular Azerbaijan last month also arrested two men with alleged links to Iranian intelligence on suspicion of plotting to kill prominent Israelis in Azerbaijan.

The allegations infuriated Tehran, which sent a diplomatic note of protest accusing Baku of collaborating with Israel's spy services and helping assassins who have killed Iranian nuclear scientists.

Baku responded with a letter to Tehran calling the claim "absurd, unsubstantiated and false", according to Azerbaijani media reports on Tuesday.

Tehran has been angered by Baku's friendly links with Israel, while Azerbaijan has accused Iran of sponsoring Islamic radicals on its territory.

Relations between the ex-Soviet state and the Islamic republic are complicated by the presence of a huge ethnic Azeri minority in Iran, which far outnumbers Azerbaijan's own population of 9.2 million.

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Default-user-icon it's groundhog day (Guest) 21 February 2012, 19:54

OK lemme tell you what's gonna happen. Hizbullah will release a statement denying everything accusing the Azeri government of being Zionists. Then when the names of the terrorists are released Hizballah will make a statement tantamount to "oh yeah them we forgot" and groundhog Hassan will come on the big screen and proclaim them a the latest saints and everyone will applause and cheer. The End.

Default-user-icon Barhoom (Guest) 21 February 2012, 19:56

Can we all now agree that these Iranian/Hassouna "resistence fighters" are a bunch of losers that cannot even stage a decent bomb attack outisde Lebanese/Syrian soil, where they have all the time and support that their simple minds need. I mean, failed attack after the another, give up already it's not your game, go hit your head with a stick on 3ashoora... The only thing they are resisting, is moving into the 21st century with the rest of planet Earth.

Thumb thepatriot 21 February 2012, 20:52

Seems like those filthy amateurs always get caught (Lebanon, Egypt,Thailand, Iraq,...) and always claim their innocence... and the worst is that their cattle followers (yes we have a few here on Naharnet everyday) believe them... pfffffff......

Thumb primesuspect 21 February 2012, 21:34

Some will say that Azerbaijan is the Zionist Entity's puppet. Haha. Azerbaijan is a sovereign nation closer to Russia than neighboring Georgia. Russia is Syra's ally. Oh wait, Syria must then be an ally of Israel? That's now clearer than ever!

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 21 February 2012, 21:38

In Lebanon and Iran (and Syria) these guys intimidate people, judges, politicians and make sure their innocence is certain. They are getting caught in countries that are not part of their intimidation zone.

Tell me yet this also a false arrest of innocent Hezz mambers? There have been a lot lately.

Missing people-power 21 February 2012, 23:01

Hezbollah is simply a Division of the Iranain Quds Force. They take orders from General Qassem Suleimani.

Let's recap the recent Iranian terrorism acts (in no particular order)...

1. Iranian arrested plotting to kill Saudi Ambassador in US

2. Iranian blows off his own legs during botched terror plot in Thailand

3. Iranian and Hezbollah operatives arrested in Azerbaijan plotting terror activities

4. Iranian plot discovered in Georgia and thwarted (no arrests yet but happened on same day as Thailand attack, go ahead and deny this one like a good lad dog)

5. Iranians kidnapped in Syria while helping Assad murder protesters

6. Hezbollah members killed in Syria while helping Assad murder protesters

7. Hezbollah members indicted for killing Rafik Hariri

8. STL also finds that the murder of Hawi and attempted murder of Murr, Hamade, and Chidiac also perpetrated by Hezbollah

9. Iranian ships docks in Tartus to deliver more arms to blood thirsty dictator Assad

Default-user-icon guest (Guest) 22 February 2012, 02:00

Easy People Power,
you are showing a sequence of clearly articulated widely-publicised facts.
such logic clearly infuriates the irrationals among us.
Flame Thrower, I have seen better (more structured) comments from you; one of which I enjoyed rebuking earlier today on the report about thr 5th STL suspect (my pseudo was a reply to Flame Thrower).
But the above is clearly weak even by your standards, an insult to the intelligence of the average man.

Thumb benzona 22 February 2012, 02:34

Seriously FlameT, Non mais... c'est de la vaste blague. Les tours du WTC n'étaient pas vidées de leurs employés juifs. Ils étaient des centaines à avoir péri, il suffit de lire la liste des victimes. A vrai dire, la théorie que vous reprenez est celle des islamistes d'A Qaïda alors que dans votre texte vous les dédaignez. Pas très sérieux tout ça. Le Hezbollah est une milice terroriste et son pédigrée le confirme. Je vous accorde qu'ils sont tous pourris Aoun, Geagea, Hariri, Gemayel etc. ils sont tous menteurs, voleurs, mais la milice est en prime composée d'assassins. Vous me direz qu’excepté Hariri qui était méconnu, les autres ont du sang sur les mains. oui mais. c'était durant la guerre civile et il y a eu amnistie et la société a pardonné. Le Hezb + Amal continuent de terroriser et tuer ses propres citoyens pour un idéal qui n'est pas le nôtre mais celui d'un régime théocratique identique en tout point à celui de l'intolérant et intolérable Israël. Mais ce n'est pas notre combat

Thumb benzona 22 February 2012, 14:45

FT: I'm not siding with 4 or 5 countries. It's my very own belief. Look at how the hezbollahi black [American] SUVs drive recklessly on our highways in total impunity. unless you're one of them, this is unacceptable. They terrorize the locals; I don't care about Israel and what they do to them but it has nothing to do with us.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 22 February 2012, 03:07

Flamethrower, none of the things you mentioned have anything to do with Huzb Allah committing terrorism in countries that have nothing to do with attacks on Lebanon (like India, Thailand or Azerbaijan). Some of the things you mentioned are already known but have nothing to do with this issue. Also no one was emptied from the WTC you idiotic buffoon with your stupid fake conspiracy theories. Make up your mind is there a Jihad by the Wahhabis or no?

One day they're the boogie man the next day it's a conspiracy. Everyone knows many of the hijackers were Saudi, what's your point? They say on the US news channels that the mossad is behind the killing of nuclear scientists in Iran, nothing is hidden.

The only ones that are blind to events are brainwashed cattle like yourself that automatically disagree with any piece of news that goes contrary to what Huzb Allah proclaims.

Missing people-power 22 February 2012, 06:59

Flaming fool.... what does WTC or mossad assassins have to do with this article? Absolutely nothing!!

Dude, get a life!!! You spend 24/7 posting idiotic pro-Iranian comments on a M14-leaning website, you are either a paid propagandist or you have NO LIFE!! Which is it???

Thumb Bandoul 22 February 2012, 23:02

Flaming crack-head is a paid antagonist. He isn't paid to be rational, he is paid to get under are our skin with lies and fiction.

Missing ayoor 22 February 2012, 09:43

it was jabalamel and familia ofcourse

Default-user-icon Tony (Guest) 22 February 2012, 09:52

I think the syrian are getting a taste of what they gave us for 15 years

Thumb Bandoul 22 February 2012, 23:25

Tony, I understand why you say that but what happened to us should not happen to any other civilians: women and children? The syrian people did not do anything to us. The Baathist and the terrorist Assad family did.

Default-user-icon shawkehbi3aynkon (Guest) 22 February 2012, 13:40

If it were Hizbullah or Iran, they won't miss :)
What a funny charade, a charade that only fools and traitors would believe in their ignorance. I wonder how many commentators on Naharnet are Zionists, maybe 99.9%?? I swear the more I read the comments of Zionists, such as those on this page, the more honored and happy and lucky I feel to be a PRO HIZBULLAH/IRAN/BASHAR and ANTI ISRAEL/ZIONISTS/WESTERN COUNTRIES.

Thumb primesuspect 22 February 2012, 14:31

If you're unhappy about your. Co-commentators you should go on al manar website and post your backward comments there. You are waisting your time and our time here because you simply aren't going to change the vision for the future of lebanon we have.

Thumb Bandoul 22 February 2012, 23:08

They will never leave us alone prime...they're purpose is to agitate, cloud, mislead, disinform, and rewrite facts with no end in sight. Anyone who spends this much time on a forum where they are not welcome are either being paid to do it or derive sick pleasure from it because they are mentally challenged.

Thumb Bandoul 22 February 2012, 22:59

Heroin is bad for you FlameThrower, stop snorting and get your head out of the sand.

Thumb Bandoul 22 February 2012, 23:04

Irrational...crack cocaine results.

Thumb jabalamel 23 February 2012, 01:40

bravo naharnet great job removing hate speech

the filthy slime zionist scum terrorists had one more psychopatic session on naharnet comments section.