Army Releases 28 Armed Syrians in Lebanon, Refers 7 to Judiciary

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army has released 28 Syrians, who were detained on Sunday for carrying arms after crossing illegally into Lebanon, An Nahar newspaper reported.

“The military detained 35 Syrian armed Syrian, who crossed into Lebanon with the refugees,” a military source told the daily. “We have questioned them and released 28 after we found out that they haven’t used their weapons in Lebanon or Syria.”

However, the source said that the remaining 7 are still detained for using their arms in Lebanese territories and injuring a Lebanese soldier.

“They will be referred on Wednesday to the competent judiciary,” he added.

The source denied that the Syrian regime had demanded the Lebanese authorities to turn in some of the detainees.

“The request should be sent to the political authority first,” he noted.

Media reports said that around 2,000 Syrians crossed into Lebanon over the weekend, fleeing the crisis in their country.

Lebanese security officials say more than 10,000 Syrians are believed to be in the country but according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, 7,058 Syrians have registered in Lebanon as refugees, where most of them live with host families.

The U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Save the Children-Sweden are also setting up a project to provide "safe places" where the children can get psychological, social and recreational support.

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Thumb kesrweneh 06 March 2012, 09:41

I guess having civilians crossing the border is not a big problem as long as we don’t’ have a Palestinian refugees part II scenario. However, having armed militias crossing the border shooting the LEBANESE ARMY and wounding one LEBANESE SOLDIER this is where a line should be drawn. I wonder what M14 leaders will say to convince their followers that they are right. People it’s time to put the pressure on your leaders, it’s time they understand that all Lebanese have a mind of their own and can’t be treated like sheeps.

Default-user-icon idiot (Guest) 06 March 2012, 10:22

"sheep" not "sheeps" ya faylasouf....!!!!

Thumb kesrweneh 06 March 2012, 14:14

ah sorry sir, (-1 3al dictee)

Default-user-icon kafantaris (Guest) 06 March 2012, 10:09

Watching from afar day after day a brutal regime kill its people with impunity, so that it may stay in power, makes an accomplice of us all.
History will not be kind.
Senator McCain is right. The World has sat this out too long.
The time to act on Syria is now -- and we may be too late already.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 06 March 2012, 11:10

if i as a lebanese citizen have arms and did not use it and crossed to syria , will i be released ?
no more armed non lebanese all armed froreigners should be delt with
we do not need more palestinians like armed camps in lebanon

Thumb kesrweneh 06 March 2012, 14:14


Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 06 March 2012, 13:55

how many times we have to repeat that arms must be carried by lebanese army ONLY,and keeping arms with a militia will no doubt create an opposite militia and will get the army tired till it .. burst la samahalla.
we have to understand that farsi and wahaby are the same devil to bilad el it so difficult to caput?