App&Above: a Local Company with a Global Vision


App&Above is a company dedicated to delivering customized mobile and tablet applications to corporate clients as well as providing mobile strategy for clients’ businesses. It was launched 5 months ago, on November 1, 2011 in Beirut.

Last week we invited Antoine Abou-Samra, the Founder of App&Above, to Seeqnce Space. He told us more about his company, including its business culture, the company’s purpose of existence as well as its business model.

You can read more about his background in the biography provided at the end of the article.

What makes App&Above different?

There are 3 key differentiators of App&Above’s brand and those are:

1. The approach to delivering customized solutions

The company’s focus is beyond the common app development process. Using the team’s widespread expertise and great understanding of consumer behavior, the company is also providing businesses with effective distribution channel strategies and profitable business models.

2. The approach to designer ergonomics

Ergonomics is an essential concept in the App&Above’s working approach. The way the app functions, the interaction between the user and the app, the navigation as well as the design of the app take central role in the development process.

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