Fadlallah Hits Back at March 14 over Karam Release, Marouni Slams 'Treason Accusations'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The evening round on the second day of parliamentary debate on the government’s policies was rife with harsh criticism from the opposition and calls for better performance from the ruling camp, amid several verbal clashes over Hizbullah’s controversial arsenal of weapons.

MP Hassan Fadlallah, member of Hizbullah’s Loyalty to Resistance bloc, snapped back at the rival March 14 camp over accusations that his party had notably remained silent over the recent controversial release of Brig. Gen. Fayez Karam from prison, less than two years after he was convicted of collaborating with Israel.

“You are the last party entitled to talk about this issue,” Fadlallah said, accusing the March 14 camp of negligence in addressing the issue during its time in power.

“The Resistance’s stance on the judicial verdicts has always been general, seeing the problem in the nature of verdicts rather than in the individuals,” said Fadlallah.

The Hizbullah lawmaker stressed that his party’s arsenal of arms “protects all the Lebanese from Israel, even those criticizing it.”

Phalange bloc MP Elie Marouni hit back at Fadlallah, saying “we have been killed without retaliating, and had it not been for our resistance, there would not have remained any inch in this country for them to fight for.”

“If this rhetoric is aimed at accusing the other camp of treason and at pushing us to take up arms again, then we are ready,” Marouni added.

He stressed that “with this government, there is no political, social, environmental or food security,” accusing the government of disassociating itself from the needs of “the country and the citizens.”

For his part, MP Estephan Doueihi, member of Marada Movement’s Free Unified Lebanon bloc, said “we need a unifying rhetoric more than ever that immunizes Lebanon against the repercussions of the ongoing events” in the region.

The accusations launched by the opposition “contain a lot of injustice, as it is unacceptable to blame the government for the accumulations of the past,” Doueihi added.

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Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 18 April 2012, 20:38

Were the arms used in the rape of Beirut "protecting the Lebanese people"?

Put a tie on, shave your face, and shut up.

Thumb primesuspect 19 April 2012, 15:40

He looks like a terrorist, He sounds like a terrorist> I bet he is a terrorist that hides when the Israelis fly over his neighborhood.

Missing allouchi 18 April 2012, 21:05

M8 led by Hizb are surely pushing the rest of the Lebanese to arm themselves to defend our lives, freedom and democracy.

Missing peace 18 April 2012, 21:28

if one party is allowed to have arms and the governing majority finds that normal, then they have to accept others to get as armed as hezb is... if a rule applies to one it should apply to all!

unfortunately that is the logic that the terrorist party hezb has pushed this country towards!

Thumb joesikemrex 20 April 2012, 09:48

Yeah keep saying that, your really believe your own propaganda

Thumb thepatriot 20 April 2012, 14:01

@FT May 7th was pretty convincing...

Thumb jabal10452 18 April 2012, 21:22

Yalla... Direct threat of "rearming" in the parliament. 3azim. Are we rewinding this sorry film to 1975?

Missing helicopter 18 April 2012, 21:27

Can we also the same about the arms of the Syrian army ? "it is there to protect all Syrians including the tens of thousands it is kiling".
And why there is no Lebanese flag in the background in such a way to show that the resistance is subserviant to Lebanon and to serve Lebanon.

Missing peace 18 April 2012, 21:33

no FT! and that s what you don t want to understand!!

the country has not been ruled by M14 for 20 years! but by syria and a good number of your present friends too!!

so stop saying that all the pb come from M14 while M8 has the SAME responsability in everything!

as if all of a sudden no M8 members were ever in charge of a ministry! and you know perfectly well that all the decisions had to be approved by damascus and your friends were also good servants of the syrians! and you also know perfectly well that your leader AOUN said that syria was responsible of the huge debt of the country... or was he lying?...

Thumb bigsami 18 April 2012, 21:37

You can rant all you want there Candle Thrower defending the scums of the world but one thing that we all know is that HA's lame lying statement "the party’s arsenal of arms “protects all the Lebanese from Israel, even those criticizing it.” is BS. Protecting Lebanese from Israel....LMOA! Israel my friend is the least of our worries. Lebanon's biggest worry is these low-life mobsters who have all of us living day-by-day on edge not knowing when they or any of their members can unilaterally break the law at will with no respect to the legitimacy of the Lebanese armed forces and law & order. They rob, kidnap, assassinate, threaten and bully anyone who dares stand up against their primitive ideologies. They beleive that they are above the law and have no one to answer to but to the monkey (saadin).

Thumb jabal10452 18 April 2012, 22:18

I take it as a huge offense when that guy says "the party's arsenal of arms protects all the Lebanese from Israel, even those criticizing it". Who the hell appointed Hezbollah to defend me? What a bunch of goons.

Thumb joesikemrex 20 April 2012, 09:50

They simply defend themselves, a bunch of thugs. Time to arm.

Thumb kesrweneh 20 April 2012, 11:28

Jabal the Harriri and Siniora Gvt appointed Hezballah as one of the defendersof south Lebanon, Ia gree it's not the best solution but till a better one comes along we should stick to this one, after all Isarel is not Snow white

Thumb shab 18 April 2012, 21:37

All sects must arm itself and join to fight the enemy within

Thumb joesikemrex 20 April 2012, 09:52

Amen to that, enough talk and BS. Time to show these thugs we the hell we are

Thumb joesikemrex 20 April 2012, 09:52

Bloody IPADS - "Who the hell we are"

Default-user-icon Wisdom (Guest) 18 April 2012, 21:58

Isn't it clear that both camps need each other to survive? Where would M8 be without M14 and where M14 be without M8. They are brothers like you all are brothers.

Don't you guys get tired of sitting on Naharnet cursing and swearing at each other?

Thumb jabal10452 18 April 2012, 22:19

Yes, yes and yes! one billion words are better than a single bullet.

Default-user-icon bangbang (Guest) 18 April 2012, 22:47

ft do u support hezbala just because u hate lf or because u r king farook (aoun) told u to do so.or maybe simply because u r a mop head with no charisma waiting for somebody to tell u what to do? in anycase u r a nobody who loves to argue just for the sacke of it. i v been following ur aggressive approache to politics for a while now and all i noticed is that u r an attention seeker little boy.
i couldnt stop my self from writing this blog

Missing forces 19 April 2012, 12:47

ft and his mates are unable to tell us convincingly why they hate the LF or anyone from 14 for that matter. The fact that LF were invlolved in a bloody war with the army is high on their excuse list. They conveniently do not question the direction their glorious leader has taken them in particularly when it has gone against everything he stood for during the war and in exile. It is a slap in the face of every Christian that we had a war between ourselves, let alone our martyrs by aoun doing a 360 degree backflip in his policies. yet they follow him blindly into the abis siding with the very point of view that he was hell bent on enforcing against his own kind. Now he tells us we need protection against israel, whilst before he insisted the army was sole protector. Why don't they ask thenselves this? and when did they find this overwhelming love of nasrallah and his goons? is it because the party they support now is in bed with them?

Thumb kesrweneh 19 April 2012, 13:08

10 reasons to hate LF: (just 10 but herer hundreds)
1- Safra massacre
2- sabra w chatila massacre
3- Eddeh massacre
4- nahr el mot massacre
5-Jounieh massacre
6-illegal taxes (5wet)
7-techbi7 3al 7awejiz (sorry no translation for that)
8- Taef
9-initiating thousands of christian youth to drugs
10- illegal death penalties (Zaynoun)
11- Zahle cathedral bombing
12- DAny chamoun assasination
14- Jopseph akiki assasination
15- Tony Frangieh assaisnation
16-Karameh assassination

oops I just said 10 and now there is no place for the post war reasons

Thumb kesrweneh 19 April 2012, 13:13

despite all that we don't hate all LF just their actions and their leaders the reast are just regular people in need of enlightement but who knows: god works in mysterious ways

Missing forces 19 April 2012, 14:27

As for the post war list you have kindly taken the time to write for me, the only one with any substance is Jem3a 3azime.. I have said many times I am a LF supporter however unlike many others from either side I am not blindly following someone for the sake of it and can have my own views.

Missing forces 19 April 2012, 14:28

As for the rest of your poorly constructed post war list, you are kidding me,
1- becoming HArriri minions \ v hezb/syrian lapdog
2- cancellig good Friday (jem3a 3azime)- agree
3-Giving Harriri in 2009 elections 4/5 MP in Ashrafieh, 2 in Koura, 3 in Zahleh... - you mean allying with his political allies as aoun had done? whats your point?
4- teaming with the same Takfiris who burned Ashrafieh in Feb5 -= sure very credible agument here..
5- attacking the church (vatican, orthodox and Bkerkeh)against KSA ryal - again making his point of view , it's called democracy, he has never disrespected the office of bkirki just questioned the decisions and ended in ' we await bkirki t clarify it's position' = weak argument.
- so can you name anything aoun has done good since his return?

Thumb kesrweneh 20 April 2012, 11:30

hahaha forces for some reason naharnet took my popst war eason off but not ur comments so anyone can read those (man so fool) guess "ta ma yza3lo el boss Nayla tweini

Missing forces 20 April 2012, 12:34

Kesrweneh don't think it is a conspiracy as you always do my comment before the post ware points is also missing :)

Missing forces 20 April 2012, 12:32

flame firstly and i know you are aware of this only chose to leave it out to support your baseless arguments as usual, but m14 didn't exist under the syrian regime, but hezb amal and most of your buddies did. secondly LF Phalange and other Christian parties were not associated with Hariri at that point. I agree most of these guys are dirty but isn't everyone? aouns politics are very simplistic that is why it scares me fools like yourselves blindly follow and try justifying his wrong decisions..

Missing forces 20 April 2012, 12:35

makes me angry ? you have a right to chose any side you want, jst don't try to justify your wrong and baseless point of view we all can see right through it.

Missing samiam 18 April 2012, 23:09

Resistance, Blah Blah, Blah

Again, all talk, no substance. Hizbulla would lose a battle of wits to my 2 year old. They keep repeating the same stuff over and over again hoping believe their lies. Their weapons only serve their own interests PERIOD, not the interests of the lebanese people. If they wanted to serve the lebanese people, then they would become a part of the lebanese state, not a separate entity.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 19 April 2012, 00:06

attention mr fadlallah: i dont think u understand the real situation now, ask ur colleague nawaf el moussawi why he offered "hiwar" now , as he was ordered to retreat..i'll give u an example to help u understand that 7th of may or june or july.. cant be repeated ever; two days ago vonvocations for 19 youth from tariq jdide were issued by moukabarat el jaysh for them to appear in front of military tribunal concerning the arab university"problem" , which happened 5 years ago b4 the 7th may hassoun's fatal mistake,and the general who issued the convocations was general khalil ibrahim( not abbas ibrahim)...today all the convocations were cancelled, go ya fadlallah ask nawaf why?...

Thumb kesrweneh 19 April 2012, 13:03

sorry to dissapoint Mustapha but the convocations are still in action and the tariq jdideh thugs will be prosecuted and if ur from tariq jdideh u should be happy armed thugs in you block are arrested

Default-user-icon Luxembourg Bob (Guest) 19 April 2012, 06:01

The 5 rafic hariri governments, the hoss and karami governments legalized hezbollah's weapons from 1922-2005.

Hariri/Saniora, Jumblatt and the feb14 frata(loose change) Christians allied with Amal and Hezbollah in the 2005 elections. They not only legalized Hezbollah's weapons but also gave them Ministers for the first time in history.

The two saniora government, hariri government and mikati government all legalized the weapons.

So shut and stop contradicting yourselves.

Missing cedars 19 April 2012, 06:20

The yellow flag has a weapon in it, our flag has a cedar instead, without weapons there is no flag, no Iranian money+weapons support, and back to planting hashish as of 40yrs ago.
What happens if you do not vote for the Baath party in Syria? you'll find yourself exiled in Paris or your family will be asked to publicize your suicide, a similar scenario is being applied in Lebanon via assassinations so that the survivals run the Country. Israel destroys from the air our powergrids and HA destroys the powergrids from the ground by opting out from paying their utility consumption, how is that being supportive to the country and state?

Thumb kesrweneh 19 April 2012, 13:01

funny how the M14 never talks about foreign weapons in Lebanon: palestinina weapons, Takfiri weapons.... as long as the palestinians who started the war in 1975 are armed it's OBLIGATORY to have armed Hizballah, then if those people surrender their weapons lebanese should find a way to integrate Hizballah wtihin the Army without hindering it's efficiency in resisrting Israel.

Missing allouchi 19 April 2012, 14:42

1975 Hizb did not exist !!!

Missing forces 19 April 2012, 14:44

wrong we talk about them all the time, and they should all be disarmed. Why would this benefit us to have them armed? Do you REALLY believe once the palestinians are disarmed, hezb will integrate anything into the army? really really? and the resisting Israel statement is hilarious. The official line is that hezb have weapons to defend lebanese soverinty and liberate palestine. Why would they want the palestines dissarmed? as for the defending our soverinty stop provocking Israel in the name of Palestine. find a way, sure lets make hassouny president and give him supreme authority over everything, they will not give up their weapons..

Missing tripolian 21 April 2012, 01:20

rorces, i doubt hezb wants to liberate palestine, its only an excuze.

Missing tripolian 21 April 2012, 01:19

keserweneh, are you stupid? Our war waw not started by anyone but our own secterianism hence why we have had civil wars in lebanon for ages long before 1975. If you want to blame the 1975 war on someone then blame it on maronites (if you want to go down that line) bcuz at that time they kept attacking muslims because they feared they would turn in to a majority especially with the palestinian refugees present so they naturalized over 50 000 palestinian christians while the palestinian muslims were seen as a demography threat and thus they became a target for various maronite leaders and armed groups before officially starting the war by comitting a massacre on a bus. Lets stop blaming others for everything and grow up.

Missing allouchi 19 April 2012, 16:08

Good point.

Thumb thepatriot 19 April 2012, 16:11

Reminder vto the idiot Luxbob:
"United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 is a resolution that was intended to resolve the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict.

It was unanimously approved by the United Nations Security Council on 11 August 2006. The Lebanese cabinet, which includes two members of Hezbollah, unanimously approved the resolution on 12 August 2006.
Cabinet voted 24-0 in favor of the resolution. The resolution calls for:[1]

Full cessation of hostilities (OP1)
Israel to withdraw all of its forces from Lebanon in parallel with Lebanese and UNIFIL soldiers deploying throughout the South (OP2)
A long term solution based on (OP8)
Disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon (implying Hezbollah)"

Missing allouchi 19 April 2012, 22:25

Any replies to thepatriot from any M8 supports??? I hear nothin :)

Thumb thepatriot 20 April 2012, 14:09

The difference, idiot, is tha Hezb ministers voted and aproved...

Default-user-icon John Williams (Guest) 20 April 2012, 11:54

You know Jumblatt and Harari do not want majority representation because they would lose more power. This is because March 14 even with Jumblat does not have a majority. How is this Dream World Lebanese government,the Dream favored by the majority on this thread, even if they all wear nice silk ties, How is this Dream World government going to be more effective than present one or the last one? March 8 is not just Hezbollah. They rightly believe Israel is a threat and likely to attack and kill Lebanese people at any moment. They are correct. This does not seem to factor into the thinking of the majority of you. WHY?

Default-user-icon John Williams (Guest) 21 April 2012, 13:45

anonymetexasua.more dream world thinking. Yeah. it's suppose to be like that except the West won't let your Army have weapons that could be effective against israel and that won't change. Your "Army" is a police force for quelling riots and controlling the refugee camps. Israel violates your sovereignty daily. Hezbollah and any people have the right to use whatever means to defend themselves against such firepower.The leading policians in March 14 want Israel to destroy Hezbollah. Kill your fellow citizens, apparently you do also. Hezbollah's primary objective is as a resistance and social services network. That thug sectarian milita is disciplined and their leader is intelligent.They serve Iran because it suits them to do so but they live and breathe in Lebanon. Just llike you.