Lebanese Woman Killed in Cross-Border Fire in al-Qaa

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A 70-year-old Lebanese woman was killed on Wednesday in a cross-border fire in eastern Lebanon’s al-Qaa village, the National News Agency reported.

Halima Suleiman Krombi was shot in the head and taken to Hermel state hospital, NNA said. But she later died from her wounds.

While the agency did not name the side that opened fire on the woman, other media reports said Syrian troops were behind the cross-border fire that also injured her daughter.

Last month, al-Jadeed TV cameraman Ali Shaaban was killed by gunfire from Syrian troops across the border in the northern Wadi Khaled area.

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Missing allouchi 09 May 2012, 14:55

may she rest in peace and where the hell is our so called government and military?

Default-user-icon Halaktouna (Guest) 10 May 2012, 08:52

tedrab malla bahle'!
As if the Syrian regime is not known for killing Lebanese Civilians ... go change your pic ... u r a disgrace to the Lebanese flag.

Default-user-icon Murad (Guest) 09 May 2012, 15:01

Wait.. so no one saw where the gunfire came from? Then it must be from Syria, and it must be the Syrian army! I mean, we all know, no one is armed in Syria other than the Syrian army!

Default-user-icon Basil (Guest) 09 May 2012, 19:03

Even in the face of all the killing and torturing of Syrian citizens by the their corrupt and murderous regime, you insist on defending them and blaming "salafis" or whatever cliche' word they put out for public consumption.
You have no compassion, no argument and no moral compass.
You are not a mowaten, you are simply a Syrian 3ameel.

Missing helicopter 10 May 2012, 03:18

Funny how arguments are made based on one's political affiliations. This by itself is normal, what is not normal is the foreign affiliation and loyalty to foreign regimes at the expense of ones country men and women. Poor Lebanon your sons and daughters have sold you out.

Missing cedars 10 May 2012, 04:24

To the smarty above, if in fact the smugglers or rebels are shooting left and right Lebanese mediamen or innocent civilians at the borders then the attention will be drawn to the borders and more security members will exist or come to the seen, something they do not want to have otherwise how can they smuggle? Your blind mind disallow you from realistically putting 2+2 together and ignore the fact that Leb people are dying (Fishermen including teenagers in Tripoli, media-man, many Leb civilians) a hysteria of shooting anything that moves at the borders executed by the insecure regime.

Default-user-icon Ta7seen 3araq Wazzeh (Guest) 10 May 2012, 05:18

Story aside, (referring to the picture) I am bemused at how they hang banner that covers the road sign. Backward mentality.