Arslan Calls for Referendum on Army’s Role

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan called on Saturday for a referendum on the army’s role in Lebanon following severe criticism by the March 14 opposition.

The exceptional referendum should be “on the preservation of the army as the defender of the nation and the citizens” and should lead to a “positive shock,” Arslan said in a press conference.

“The campaign against the army has no excuse,” he said, calling on the case of the killing of Sunni Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Wahed and his companion at the Kweikhat army checkpoint in the northern district of Akkar in May to remain within the legal framework.

Al-Mustaqbal bloc MP Khaled Daher, who hails from Akkar, has threatened civil disobedience should the government not refer the killing of Sheikhs Abdul Wahed and Mohammed Merheb to the Judicial Council.

It’s the primary duty of the army to defend the nation, its civil peace and the state and its institutions which means it acts as part of the mission given to it by legitimate authorities, Arslan said.

Then if there is any objection to the military’s role, the criticism should be directed at political authorities and not the institution of the army, he said.

“Military affairs should remain for the army while political affairs should be left for politicians,” he told reporters.

Three Lebanese army officers and eight soldiers arrested over the killing were released on bail. Five remain in custody.

The move drew sharp criticism from the opposition and residents of Akkar blocked main roads to protest their release.

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Thumb geha 14 July 2012, 15:44

in another post, I clarified why I believe these SOBs in this government are pushing the army to break:
- a shiite officer is sent to the north and kills a sunni sheikh and his compagnon.
- this government does not file a complaint against the daily syrian aggressions.
- this government sends the army to the north to protect the syrian regime.
if this is going to continue, this army of ours will break at the first engagement with lebanese in the north, taking into account the fact that most of its soldiers comes from the north.
this government is doing whatever to divide the army so that hizbushaitan has an excuse to keep control over its weapons.

Default-user-icon army (Guest) 14 July 2012, 18:26

Have a referendum on the army’s role in Lebanon and also on the idiotic formula of Resistance-army-people what say you princess.