Berri Condemns Damascus Bombing: This Terrorist Act is Aimed at Fragmenting Syrian Army


Speaker Nabih Berri slammed on Thursday the “terrorist” bombing that targeted top Syrian security officials on Wednesday, saying that Syria will overcome its crisis and achieve peace.

He said in a statement: “The terrorist act is no doubt aimed at targeting the Syrian leadership in order to fragment the Syrian army, which acts as a guarantee for the country’s unity.”

“The fragmentation of the army will lead to the division of Syria and the elimination of its Arab and regional role, as well as its support of the Palestinian people,” he continued.

“We offer our deepest condolences to Syria, its president, government, parliament, army, and people,” Berri added.

“We are confident that Syria will overcome the crisis and achieve civil peace,” he stressed.

On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour had contacted his Syrian counterpart Walid al-Muallem to express his condemnation of the Damascus bombing that killed Defense Minister General Daoud Rajha, Syrian President Bashar Assad's brother-in-law Assef Shawkat, and General Hassan Turkmani, head of the regime's crisis cell on the uprising, state media said.

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Thumb extramildcake 19 July 2012, 13:21

Do you honestly believe that the Syrian situation is only between a dictator-led army and a democracy-wanting revolution? Come on, you are smarter than that. Regardless of why you support in the Middle East, please don't make yourself sound like some American teenager. You are smarter than that.

Thumb dasphinx 19 July 2012, 16:42

Yes I do believe so as I believe that all the western countries are hiding behind the Russian veto as an excuse to do nothing. We have heard rumors about Mujahidin coming from all over to fight in Syria but we have not seen a single piece of evidence to that effect.

The Syrian revolutionary did it on their own. They are writing their history with their blood.

Thumb phoenician 19 July 2012, 13:46


"democracy wanting revolution" are you serious dude? The brotherhood will be in the syrian parliament very soon.
And Mr Berri, you have no sharaf you terrorist thief.

Thumb thepatriot 19 July 2012, 15:15

We know how much you are fund (and funded) by the rigime... go give them a hand!

Default-user-icon just saying (Guest) 19 July 2012, 15:46

took berri one of the regime's closest allies twenty four hours to do this

Missing kiserwanyaseel 19 July 2012, 16:09

and this is who is going to save lebanon? this is who is running lebanon? ya nisaab, ya harami, a year and a half of killing the syrians and you never openned your mouth/? oh i forgot that you have to pay your respect to your bosses.... you have the audacity to claim that syria supported palestinian people when you and the syrians butched the palestinians in the war of the camps?

Missing allouchi 19 July 2012, 16:26

Berri, we all know that your Master is Assad....your time is coming..

Thumb dasphinx 19 July 2012, 16:38

7eke badri

Thumb dasphinx 19 July 2012, 16:46

What does Hezbollah and Iran fear the most? A change of regime in Syria that will give the rule to the Sunni majority. Their arrogance and abuse of their power will come back to haunt them, especially that the Syrian revolution accuses both of having helped kill Syrians throughout the revolution.

Thumb extramildcake 19 July 2012, 16:59

That is what I was implying. It's obvious no one understood my post.

Thumb shab 19 July 2012, 17:26

Blah blah blah

Thumb jabal10452 19 July 2012, 18:22

Kling on to that sinking ship ya nabih. It's taking you down with it. My fear is that you and the shyatin in the Dahie will take the whole country down with you. I beleive that war in Lebanon is imminent.

Thumb benzona 19 July 2012, 20:53

I wish Berri would also condemn the mass killings of innocent civilians in Syria as well as the terrorist attack of Hezbollah on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria...

Thumb Marwan34 19 July 2012, 22:09

Ya Berri iskoot!!! forget Syria care rather about Lebanon or we will soon witness similar things like in Syria. Assad's days are numbered he is monster and he will soon face a bloody revenge like his three compagnions. So therefore shut up and convince Hezbollah to give up their weapons.

Missing youssefhaddad 19 July 2012, 22:56

Berri a member of "... there is nothing going on in Syria..." crowd is nervous and probably disoriented by realizing that his Syrian friends are on the verge of collapse.
The Lebanese will not forgive nor forget all those who cooperated with the Syrian and Iranian Regimes in order to oppress them and to plunder lebanon's wealth. Berri is one of the firsts who should be prosecuted.