One Killed as Personal Dispute Escalates into Armed Clash in Bab al-Tabbaneh

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

One person was killed on Saturday in a personal dispute between two families in the Tripoli neighborhood of Bab al-Tabbaneh, reported various media outlets.

Al-Jadeed television reported that one person was killed and five others were wounded in the clash between the Aswad and Lisa families.

Guns were first employed in the clash between the Aswad and Lisa families, but the disputed sides soon resorted to rocket-propelled grenades, stated MTV.

The conflict did not erupt over political reasons, said the National News Agency.

The Bab al-Tabbaneh neighborhood had previously witnessed clashes with the rival neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen over political disputes.

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Thumb fadi_albeiruti 21 July 2012, 17:05

And the hits keep coming, all and I mean all illegal weapons starting with the hizb of thugs need to be handed over to the Lebanese state willingly or otherwise.

Thumb geha 21 July 2012, 17:08

I totally agree with your comment, and this is exactly what M14 has been asking for.

Default-user-icon LebCanada (Guest) 21 July 2012, 18:09

fadi & Geha, whether you have a 9mm gun or 40k missiles stock with hizbollah, it's exactly the same my friends! all political parties have stocks of arms, yes hisbollah possesses much more arms than maybe some countries, but it's exactly the same. All illegal arms ,should be handed over the army... but unfortunately possessing a gun in Lebanon makes u more manly i guess, because if u don't have an arm in ur car, it means ur not a man! First of all before talking about handing over guns, talk about educating most of lebanese to get over war mentality !
All about education. One family problem a war erupts ,how lame!

Default-user-icon abraham (Guest) 21 July 2012, 18:58

what kind of sociaty lives in tripoli, when a small family dispute is being solved not by talking, but by the barrel of a gun.
All of you deserve to die, no matter what faith you belong
stupid and ignorant people, when you blindly follow corrupt poloticians,who don't care about there people, who are starving to death, while they live a life of luxury

Missing 3akkari1 21 July 2012, 19:29

Eeeh what? These people are already lebanese citizens. Beb el tebbeneh is a lebanese neighborhood in tripoli, its people are lebanese, its families are some of lebanons oldest in case you didnt know. Now go back to beeing ignorant.

Thumb lebanon_first 21 July 2012, 19:29

Phoenician. I think these are lebanese.

This is a proof that there is no sectarian problem in lebanon. There is a weapons problems in lebanon. This incident is between 2 sunni families, it has nothing to do with anything but with too much weapons.

Thumb benzona 21 July 2012, 21:14

How do you know they are 2 sunni families? Now you associate family names with religion? if yes, you're guilty of sectarism.

It's everyone's mentality that needs to evolve, I have nothing against you Lebanon 1st. When people (abroad) ask me what religion I am when they hear I'm Lebanon, I automatically answer them that this question caused 17 years of civil war and is therefore indecent.

Thumb lebanon_first 22 July 2012, 00:47

I guessed they are sunni because they live in bab el tebbaneh. My point is that aggressivity is not corrolated to the difference in religion, it is related to arms possession.

Thumb Marwan34 21 July 2012, 20:04

Oh dear what's going on . A personal can be resolved through dialogue or at least in a fist fight . But Why in hell do we use RPGs and Machine guns in a personal dispute. Just shame on those brainless persons.

Default-user-icon Truedemocracy (Guest) 21 July 2012, 22:02

Why do you use RPGs during a personal dispute?

Because much like the electricity and water of Lebanon, the judicial system is the same. It takes years and years to get the simplest of verdicts.

Basically if you have a dispute with a neighbour and wish to take it to court, it will take 10 years to get a verdict. During those 10 years, there will be constant fights. At the end of the day, someone will say "screw the judicial system" and take matters into their own hands.

Don't get me wrong, I'm against all forms of violence. However, if the judicial system is useless, people will have the right to take matters in their own hands. What good is the social contract if the government is not living up to its end.

Thumb phoenician 22 July 2012, 00:10

Guys wake up and smell the coffee,these are palastinian sunni of bab al tebbaneh against the alawites of jabal something or the other its been vwey well documented.

Missing 3akkari1 22 July 2012, 01:39

Phoenician, you dont live in lebanon right? Stop talking about stuff you dont have a clue about. Either that or your lying. Beb el tebbeneh is a lebanese neighborhood, not palestinian. The fighting between beb el tebbeneh and jabal mohsen (which u didnt even know how to name) is an old conflict between lebanese Muslims and lebanese alawites. It has nothing to do with the Palestinians. You dont have a clue about what your talking about so be quiet instead. Beb el tebbeneh residents were living there long before 1948 when they Palestinians became refugees. Ghasben 3annak lebneniyyin. You on the other hand is not lebanese... ur phoenician hahaha.

Missing 3akkari1 22 July 2012, 01:42

There are next to no Palestinians from gaza in lebanon so how can they be sent "back to Gaza"? Besides, this conflict has nothing to do with palestinians or hezballah. Its a non-political dispute between two lebanese families PERIOD. It happens. Now move on with your life and stop turning it in to a racist or secterian thing.

Missing forces 22 July 2012, 02:53

only in lebanon it is acceptable and expected that we sort our differences with gun fire, whilst our glorious leadership that no doubt we will vote for again! ( cause we never learn from our mistakes) , sit on their hands as they don't want to offend miqati/harriri or hassouny as these guys might be their supporters.. WTF?

Thumb phoenician 22 July 2012, 12:24


USED to be lebanese NO MORE pal and for the record i challenge you for anything to do with Lebanon history and the entire middle east. Base your opinion on facts and not sentiments.

Default-user-icon abraham (Guest) 22 July 2012, 18:16

dear editors
I guess you don't want to hear any anti or neutral opinions against m14 poloticians.
That's why papers like you aren't succeeding, when you censor opposition or neutral opinions being puiblished in your website

Missing minawi 22 July 2012, 20:36

This is the result of too much weapons and no government.
The result of corrupt politicians, every thug and druggy is protected by some politician.
I just come back from Lebanon and was shocked to learn that even the army and darak have their own ze3ran. yes you heard me right ze3ran protected by the Army and darak.