Geagea: Magical Equation of Army-People-Resistance Does Not Exist

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea criticized on Thursday the equation of the army-people-Resistance, saying that the idea of a state and Resistance cannot exist at the same time.

He stated: “The other camp’s statements indicate that their idea of a nation is the resistance, while the nation we are seeking to establish is insignificant to them.”

“For ten years, the other camp’s statements have revolved around what they describe as a resistance … It doesn’t care if it destroys Lebanon, as long as the Resistance, meaning Hizbullah, remains safe,” he noted.

“This party is not working for Lebanon, but it is using the country as a means for an end,” he stressed.

“Who said that we accept that the people and state be employed to protect one party in Lebanon?” he asked.

“All Lebanese parties should cooperate to protect the Lebanese state because it remains as the basis for the country, while all else are details,” Geagea continued.

The establishment of the state requires all Lebanese to work for that goal, and they will fail as long as a party, “which calls itself a resistance”, has regional aims, he noted.

The Taif agreement was clear in stating that the Lebanese should work for their country and not any other side, the LF leader stressed.

The second Cedar Revolution is seeking the rise of a real Lebanese state, but it’s facing a major obstacle in the existence of arms outside the state’s authority, which is reminiscent of the period between 1990 and 2005 when Lebanon was under Syria’s hegemony, he remarked.

“The rise of the state requires law and order and some sides are claiming that corruption in Lebanon is caused by the sectarian system,” Geagea said.

“The Lebanese system is not sectarian as a sectarian system arises from a certain philosophical religious ideology, and this is not our reality. We live in a purely civil state except when it comes to personal affairs,” he stressed

“The source of corruption lies in a corrupt person … ending corruption lies in eliminating the corruptors,” he stated.

The March 14 camp is the greatest example of ending sectarianism as it harbors individuals from all sects and religious under one political agenda, Geagea added.

Addressing the government formation process, he said that it s unfortunate that the two-month delay in the formation was caused by Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun’s insistence on acquiring the Interior Ministry.

“We don’t care who acquires the portfolio as long as we have a functioning ministry,” he concluded.

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