AMAL Responds to WikiLeaks: Claims are Part of Conspiratorial Political Campaign against Party, Berri


The AMAL party condemned on Thursday the recent WikiLeaks report that focused on a meeting between party leader Speaker Nabih Berri and former U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman, which it said was part of a “political campaign aimed at eliminating AMAL and tarnishing it reputation.”

The cable is part of a conspiratorial political plan that has failed before and will fail again, the party said in a statement.

The campaign has so far avoided directly targeting Hizbullah except through addressing its weapons, it added.

It has therefore shifted its attack against AMAL and its leader, it noted.

AMAL will remain at the helm of resistance and it will continue on demanding stability and security in Lebanon, the statement concluded.

Earlier on Thursday, al-Akhbar newspaper published a WikiLeaks cable during which Feltman stated that Berri hates Hizbullah more than the March 14 camp does.

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