Army Seizes Truck Loaded with Arms, Detains Eight Syrians

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army confiscated on Friday a pick-up truck loaded with weapons and detained eight Syrian passengers.

According to a communique issued by the army, a military unit ordered the pick-up truck to stop but it didn't abide by the orders and motioned to fire at the troops.

However, the army was able to pursue the culprits and arrest them.

The weapons include light and medium military weapons, hand grenades, B-7 rockets, electric detonators, communication devices and various military equipment.

The statement said that the offenders were referred to the competent judiciary authorities and opened an investigation into the incident.

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Thumb primesuspect 14 September 2012, 14:15

Nobody should mess or even think of messing with our army.

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 15:09

Your army is a joke, remember when they made tea for the Israeli soldiers, or when they came invaded Beirut , were was the Lebanese army, only good at putting on shows and flirting with nice girls walking by, before there wasnt any Lebanon or Palestine or Syria, it was Sham, the levant, no stupid borders or citizenships divided the sham people, unfortunately these syrians don't have much of a choice, they are selling all what they have to buy some light arms so they can defend themselves and families, I can understand soldiers are doing there duty too, but the war is right next door, it's going to spill over sooner or later

Thumb lebanon_first 14 September 2012, 16:04

The war will not spill over. Despite the efforts of the warlord Assad and its proxies SSNP and the palestinians. Lebanon will remain sovereign and free of your syrian junk.
Maybe we were "Sham" 100 years ago. But we progressed. Today neither the christians nor the moslems of lebanon are interested in being "Sham" because "Sham" is a backward country ruled by a stalinist gouvernemnt who likes killing people while Lebanon is a vibrant country blessed with diversity and western influenced tradespeople.

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 17:37

Actually bashar is a Stalinist government, as for sham it was caliphate Islamic state, and true it was 100 years ago, but it lasted over. Thousand years before that, you really think your the young democratic dream you living is going to last that long, remember you are minority in the middle east, blame yourself because you are finished, the Palestinians and there Sunni brethren have 10 children each, as for you Christians, well you know the rest, another factor is the Christians are not willing to stay if another war breaks he'll loose, I hear south America is a nice place , maybe you can make Phoenician homeland for you folks over there and Israel can be relocated as well beside, because you two have close relationships

Thumb lebanon_first 14 September 2012, 19:33

Before Sham was a caliphate, it was a holy christian land. hundreds of years before the caliphate. That is for history.
Insofar as counting on the number of children and breeding to conquer lebanon, think again. In the 21st century, it is money and education that rules, not number of children.
Insofar as trying to kick the christians out, be my guest, the nightmare of most Lebanese sunnis is to be without christians in their country and to have instead hateful extremists. Try "sending us to south america" we have money, we will kick your hairy butt (or buy you out, since you dont work, being too busy hating people) And we will be helped by the druze, the chiites and 99% of the sunnites. You will cease to have the right to exist and continue exercising your hatred underground.
Pathetic excuse of a person...

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 15:11

The Lebanese have a duty towards there neighbors and I know there's a lot of haters who will argue not, well then why should Canada accept refugees from Lebanon during Lebanon's war, some people keep blaming all there problems on foreigners in Lebanon, well in fact the problem is with yourselves and each other, you have over. Hundred different politicals parties and affiliations, so everyone thinks there right, a bunch of haywanat,

Thumb lebanon_first 14 September 2012, 16:10

We have a duty towards our neighbors to put them in closed refugee camps like Turkey is doing. Instead, we are allowing them to roam free in our country, giving them jobs, and treating them as brothers. Those same people who served in the syrian army bombarding our cities 20 years ago. We forgave them because this is what we do: we forgive.
We dont have a problem between ourselves. Despite all your attempts to create strife, you are failing. We have a problem with the stalinist gouvernment of damascus who u accepted for 40 years before finally rising against it. (My respect to the Hama martyrs who tried before).
We have 100s of different parties because we are a democracy. And people take advantage of this. But we will soar, and hopefully syria (without assad) will soar at our tail.

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 17:45

My respect to Hama massacre also, in that same year they killed many of family in the 82 war in the camps in Lebanon, I've always been against that dog and his father, I don't live in Syria and never been, but I've been told about the prisons there from 20 years, and I would never want to be in there hands

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 17:49

I don't think you have all those parties because it's a democracy, who you feeling, even Canada isn't democratic, there's a lot of things the citizens don't agree with the government, but they have no say, it's the queen of england, she passes any law she wants, if I was a billionaire, I could make a hizb in Lebanon and influence a lot of people with money, there all. Bunch of idiots mustaqabal, Amal, hezbulshaitan, fpm, Lebanese forces, yeH I say it again, all a bunch of goofs

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 17:42

Why are you lying , there's no Lebanese living in the tundra, as a matter of fact 95. % of the population is living 200 km from the us Canada border, there mostly in Montreal Ottawa and Toronto. It probably takes longer to get to tundra from here , than to lebanon

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 17:42

Why are you lying , there's no Lebanese living in the tundra, as a matter of fact 95. % of the population is living 200 km from the us Canada border, there mostly in Montreal Ottawa and Toronto. It probably takes longer to get to tundra from here , than to lebanon

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 15:13

The Arab people need a leader like saddam, that can keep them in check, if Lebanon had a strong man running the country without any meddling, it can be a very prosperous nation, but unfortunately till then there always be turmoil and anarchy.

Thumb lebanon_first 14 September 2012, 16:12

no FT, not 100% correct. he has a point here. But we dont need a dictator. We need a strong leader yes. But not a dictator. We need a margaret thatcher. Not a saddam Hussein.

Default-user-icon Atef (Guest) 14 September 2012, 16:25

Will saqr saqr and cherbal twist the fingers of the Syrians to find out whom provided them with the arms and the supplier, or will they as any other wahabi salafist be released!

Missing phillipo 14 September 2012, 16:33

As I am sure that the Lebanese Government knows exactly to whom these arms were shipped, it is about time that legal proceedings were started against them.

Thumb eli-g 14 September 2012, 19:22

Lebanon does not need a dictator or a strong leader, what it needs is a strong and honest legal system backed by all sides that is actualy used, not just taught in books that sits on back shelves of attorneys offices.What Lebanon needs is to be free of weapons.It needs term limits for politicians that must be accountable for thier actions.

Missing sab3a-ayar 15 September 2012, 06:24

This is a sick conversation. To all the christions in lebanon, im sorry for what trash is on here. Lebanon is proud of all its christions and they will never leave her. As a muslim, i cant understand
your hate sidon. As a shia of lebanon, i can say that days of distruction in the name of Allah are over.the problem with the so called fsa is that they are killing there own people and distroying there land. They will never win because even through victory, they lose. Who in syria can ever trust his will they ever forget the carnege.