Police Arrest 14 Suspects in Tripoli's KFC Assault

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The police chief of the northern city of Tripoli revealed on Friday that 14 people have been arrested in the assault on an KFC outlet and the Serail during protests against an anti-Islam U.S. film last week.

Brig. Gen. Bassam al-Ayyoubi said the 14 suspects had set alight the fast food restaurant and tried to storm the Tripoli Serail in protests over the low-budget film “Innocence of Muslims” that has fanned global Muslim anger.

Police have information about 22 other people involved in the assaults and a manhunt is underway to arrest them, he said.

“No one has (political) cover and security forces will go ahead in their mission,” al-Ayyoubi added.

One demonstrator was killed and 25 were wounded in the clashes with security forces last Friday.

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Thumb phoenician 21 September 2012, 12:12

And you want us to coexist..............

Default-user-icon John (Guest) 21 September 2012, 12:19


Missing northerndude54 21 September 2012, 14:09

that may be true since the other breeds like rats.

Missing castro 21 September 2012, 14:09

Dear FT: No one is leaving. 35% or 99%, it really makes no difference. Attitudes like yours are what makes the difference. But believe me, neither your attitude nor your masses will be a factor or a reason for one Christian to leave Lebanon.
History is on the side of the righteous; Christians are on this land since the beginning of time,others, and I only say others because you chose to segregate, will come and go as usual.
I genuinely would advise you to use your head and foresight and come out of the stone age and sword mentality; it got you nowhere.
Having said the above, I am assuming you are not Christian; if you were, I pity you for your weakness.

Thumb phoenician 21 September 2012, 14:33

Ma fasharet 3a ra2ebtak I will spill my last drop of blood defending Christians in Lebanon that happens to be a Christian country 700years before Islam and for your information Jesus was born in Beth Lehem in Galilee which was part of old Lebanon before Britain mapped the region in the 40's. Ill let you work out the rest homo erectus brain.

Missing castro 21 September 2012, 15:15

FT: You reacted exactly as I expected, misinformed and juvenile.

I challenge you to an intellectual debate; the one caveat for an intellectual debate is for one debater to read or listen and understand an opponent point of view.
I honestly hesitated it before I posted my first reply to your initial statement.
My advise to you as a Lebanese with full allegiance to Lebanon, is to read once again what I wrote and take it in, understand it, ponder upon it and then in a day or two, come back with a reply that corresponds to the posting. Do not go on a rampage that is off the mark and irrelevant.
I suggest you rebuild your house and home on rock and stone not on sand.

Asking someone to grow up in a debate is only a reflection on how much growing up you have to do.

Default-user-icon Lebnany (Guest) 21 September 2012, 15:26

Secular Lebanon is the way to go and get to the highest places with your brain and not the gun. Regardless of what god you warship. Lebanon will only exist when every person in Lebanon will be loyal to only Lebanon

Thumb joeleb 21 September 2012, 18:26

Dear FlameThrower, for once I agree with you, the Christians are now a minority, and we have to co-exist. BUUUUUT, I don't agree with your mentality, the ultimatum you gave, "co-exist or leave". The second all the Lebanese Christians leave is the second Lebanon loses it's identity, and you will be begging for them to come back. The only reason I say "you" is because I assume you are Muslim, but like you said, we should stop using religion to define who we are, we are all Lebanese (again another assumption there ;) ). Lebanon is Lebanon because of the Christians in it, AND because of the coexistance between them and the Muslims. AND the Muslims have no choice but to co-exist with the Christians, and, if I want to use your logic, they can either co-exist or leave too.

Thumb joeleb 21 September 2012, 18:33

Another thing, there are several reasons why the Christians have become a minority. One is emigration, second of all, Christians don't procreate like the Muslims do. I don't want to generalize, since not all muslims families are huge, but the majority of the poorer ones are. Emmigration with a greater number of children is what lead and is leading to this shift in numbers. It's not just in Lebanon, Muslim numbers are growing at a faster rate than any other religion all over the world.
As for nature, you are right, only the strong survive, (I agreed with three things you said so far today!) unfortunately the strong ones are not always the smartest, as we saw over the past weeks with all the muscle flexing...If you are smart you can get what you want too, and that's how the Christians are doing it. All the muscle flexing by HA and Salafis is not going to get them anywhere in the long run.....

Thumb joeleb 21 September 2012, 18:46

Preach to your friends in HA and the Aounists. Laicity you say? HA drops the "Muslim" word everytime they open their mouths! This is not a utopia my friend. I have lived in Lebanon and out, and only in Lebanon do we even mention religion as part of our name (so to speak). You want laicity, you allow the state to be the only master, and you don't hold a gun to my head and tell me I want us to be equals. The Shia in Lebanon believe they are "ma7roumeen", and now they want revenge and they want to impose themselves by force, using God and religion as their excuse. Lebanon will never change, I am sorry to say, and I am LEBANESE before anything else, and the majority of my closest friends, including my wife, are from a different religion than I am, so I am as sad for this country as anyone else who cares. LEBANON is what is important, not Syria or Iran or the US or Europe or the whole world.

Thumb joeleb 21 September 2012, 18:52

When our politicians, NOT leaders but politiocians stop defending other countries more than they defend Lebanon, and only then, we will be able to say that we are headed in the right track. But it's disgusting when Aoun and Nasrallah pounce at anyone who mentions syria, and then our idiot of a foreign minister acts more like a syrian foreign minister. You will say "March 14 are with the west and defend Saudi and the salafists", I say when have they don't even compare to the way HA and Aoun is standing up for Bashar and his scum, the same scum that bombed our cities and bled our country dry.

Thumb joeleb 21 September 2012, 18:53

Please don't attack my patriotism, If it was up to me I would make it a law that no flag other than the Lebanese flag is allowed to fly anywhere, and would abolish any sectarian division. Unfortunately each one of us has a different view of what Lebanon should be, and this is where we are colliding...
One more thing before I go back to work, our so called "political leaders" are our worst enemies, and if only we could make them "leave", that would solve half of our problems....

Missing allahwlebnen 22 September 2012, 00:37

10452- one nation, one army, one people- the LEBANESE dream

Missing galopse 22 September 2012, 05:00

KFC = Ken Fi Cheghel in Tripoli. This is how they thank KFC and other foreign businesses for stimulating the city's slow economy... Camels

Default-user-icon E. Guimaraes (Guest) 22 September 2012, 21:43

Please. I have a friend in Brazil, my teacher, Saadallah N. Fares. We need movies or photos of the Lebanon village, Cheick Mohamed. Send me this photos for my e-mail, please. Thank You.