Moussawi Meets Plumbly, Says Hizbullah Supports Army

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah International Relations official Ammar Moussawi stressed on Saturday that the party supports the measures undertaken by the army to preserve stability in Lebanon.

“The army is a national institution that is tasked with maintaining stability in the country and pursuing security violators,” Moussawi said in a meeting with U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly.

The army recently carried out raids to arrest security violators across Lebanon.

The two officials also discussed the latest developments in Lebanon and the region.

Moussawi briefed Plumbly on Hizbullah's stance from the anti-Islam film and cartoons mocking Prophet Mohammed .

“The party denounces all acts that insult religious symbols,” he pointed out.

Protests against the film "Innocence of Muslims", which mocks Islam, have erupted across the Muslim world and tens of thousands took to the streets across Asia and the Middle East Friday as Western missions closed amid fears of violence.

A French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo also printed cartoons caricaturing Prophet Mohammed.

He reiterated Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's call for an international resolution that incriminates insults against religion.

On Monday, Nasrallah warned against the broadcast of the entire anti-Islam movie during a rally, held in Beirut's southern suburb, protesting the film.

The Hizbullah leader made a rare public appearance, his fifth in six years, at the rally.

Nasrallah held the United States responsible for ensuring the halt of the airing of the movie, Innocence of Muslims, that has sparked outrage and anti-U.S. Rallies throughout the Muslim world.

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Thumb phoenician 22 September 2012, 17:14

Why dont you shut that hole in your face you lying treasoner and pack your tent back to tehran.

Missing gabby5 22 September 2012, 19:05

The Hezz are lying pricks......if a war starts with Iran they will tell the army to shut up while they get Lebanon destroyed.

Missing thatisit 22 September 2012, 19:43

It is all a game to gain time and see what comes out of syria- they mask their love to the lebanese army because it suits them now. they have no interest in lebanon. if they do, let them give up their weapons. They say it is directed against isreal but deep down they will not hesitate one iota to turn it against other lebansee if they disagree with them. these are weapons of intimidation and mockery.

Missing phillipo 22 September 2012, 20:42

They promised to disarm when Israel withdrew from all Lebanese territory.
The UN has confirmed that Israel does not occupy a single square centimetre of Lebanese territory.
The UN has also confirmed that Shaaba, which they claim is their reason (excuse) to keep their aims is in actual fact Syrian, and not Lebanese territory.
So who exactly will believe their promises ?

Missing phillipo 22 September 2012, 20:39

Instead of just words, let them show that they stand behind their statements by unilateraly handing their arms over to the Lebanese Army, disbanding their military arm, and swearing allegiance to the Lebanese Republic.
Who do they think they are kidding?