International Condemnation of Israel's Violation of Lebanon's Telecommunications Sector

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The International Telecommunication Union conference in Mexico condemned on Friday Israel's violation of Lebanon's telecommunications sector, saying that the sector has and is still being subject to Israeli interference, reported As Safir on Saturday.

It said that Lebanon's "mobile phone and land lines are being subject to Israeli piracy, interference, and obstruction."

Furthermore, the conference stressed Lebanon's "complete right" to be compensated for the harms that have been inflicted on the telecommunications network.

The condemnation came after extensive efforts by Telecommunications Minister Charbel Nahhas to convince the 124 participants to condemn Israel and the outcome was 43 voting in favor, 23 against, and 57 abstentions.

Meanwhile, MP Hasan Fadlallah told As Safir that the condemnation is a "major Lebanese accomplishment and the document is damning evidence that proves the extent of Israel's assault on the telecommunications sector."

The paper also reported that Hizbullah will soon hold a press conference during which it will present "very important" facts in the matter and confirm that Israel totally controls the telecommunications sector.

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