Report: Buthaina Shaaban Involved in Samaha-Mamlouk Case

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Internal Security Forces' Intelligence Bureau has discovered that Syrian President Bashar Assad's media adviser Buthaina Shaaban is involved in ex-minister Michel Samaha's case, a media report said on Friday.

“The Intelligence Bureau has referred an additional file in Samaha's case that includes the involvement of Buthaina Shaaban,” MTV quoted high-ranking sources as saying.

The file includes the analysis of phone conversations between Shaaban and Samaha made during the latter's presence in Damascus, the report said.

“Samaha called Shaaban and informed her of the steps he intended to make,” the sources clarified.

The sources revealed that “the file has been referred to the military prosecutor who in turn will refer it to the military investigative judge,” adding that the latter would study the case and issue an arrest warrant.

Lebanese judicial authorities have charged Samaha and Syrian security chief Maj. Gen. Ali Mamlouk with forming a group to commit terrorist crimes in Lebanon.

The two were also charged with plotting to assassinate political and religious figures.

A judicial source told Agence France Presse that General Mamlouk is "suspected of forming a group to provoke sectarian killings and terrorist acts using explosives, which were transported and stored by Samaha.”

The indictment also mentions a Syrian Colonel identified as Brig. Gen. Adnan.

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Missing gabby5 05 October 2012, 22:25

It is time to bring in Interpol and the World court system. The ASSad rebime is an international terror group trying to create civil war and killing in Lebanon. When will the Lebanese courts indict them?

Missing gabby5 05 October 2012, 22:28

There was a plot against Lebanon to kill people.....where is Hizbcocaine to speak out against it??? Oh never mind......they are helping the killer regime.

Missing youssefhaddad 05 October 2012, 22:56

No one associated with the Assad regime could plead innocence in any of the crimes this regime has committed through the years. They are all partners in crime and their judgement day is getting closer.

Missing alah 06 October 2012, 12:34

Not everyone with Assad is guilty... One cannot judge all of them as if they were equals. By doing so, it would mean that one would be doing the same as Assad has been doing to his own people...

Missing peace 05 October 2012, 23:19

don t worry M8 is going to thank her soon....

Missing peace 06 October 2012, 19:01

lol! you forgot that hezbos berri frangieh not only gave the key to one city but to the whole country and still are praying for them to come back...

funny how you praise orangina because he changed saying that only fools don t change so why don t you apply your logic to others... sinioura and hariri changed by being anti assad while your orangina became pro assad supporting this regime now!....
oh! and you forgot also what aoun said that even the most honest politician had to obey syria or die...
so your remarks are totally irrelevant as usual....

Missing mohammad_ca 06 October 2012, 20:26

no matter how much you want to distort the past the fact of the matter remains that M8 are the ones still defending ASSad and his regime to the teeth...end of story.

Default-user-icon Walt Disney (Guest) 05 October 2012, 23:27

Dear Naharnet commentators:

And your new "Lebanese" hero is ... Carlos Ghosn or Carlos Slim?

Default-user-icon ahahahaha (Guest) 05 October 2012, 23:41


Missing maroon40 05 October 2012, 23:42

She is a low life !'

Missing gabby5 06 October 2012, 02:09

I wonder if she remembers Moussolini and his girl hanging upside down in Rome???

Missing abraham 06 October 2012, 07:11

all you knockelheads how can anyone be guilty, before they haven't been indicted
wake up you brainwashed lebanese from your long sleep, and see what's going on around you

Missing damascus79 06 October 2012, 09:29

It's knuckleheads sir and if you're still in doubt that the syrian regime has been responsible for 90% of the terror in Lebanon since the 70's then it's time for you to look in the mirror.

Missing alah 06 October 2012, 12:37

He said we should wait for the final results of the judgement, that is all... democracy, democracy and respect for the rule of law, with only one Army!

Missing abraham 06 October 2012, 16:01

If you don't allow the terror to happen, it won't happen
but all your leaders sold their soul

Default-user-icon Edy (Guest) 06 October 2012, 07:46

I wana do her so badly, shagalagalagaaaa:)

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 06 October 2012, 12:31

chapeau bas for the intelligence bureau of FSI
they re doing a great job in no time
but there were at least 14 crimes since the late rafic harriri and not 1 detail or a clue ???!!!!!!

Missing abraham 06 October 2012, 15:59

it looks loke you ate a lot of them

Missing abraham 06 October 2012, 16:06

to bad that you follow the corrupt leaders that tell you what to say and do.
I'm not backing anybody, but you don't leak investigative information to the press, or try anybody in the media
that's called democracy and justice my son, if you didn't know it

Missing abraham 06 October 2012, 18:56

So a judge makes a judgement and refers the file to a prosecutor and leaks the information to the media what he did, wooww
I bet he informed the guilty party too
sorry this is lebanese justice <guilty until proven innocent>
How do we know that the file is not made up evidance
just asking

Missing cedars 07 October 2012, 04:51

Yes the truth is spoken because Samaha had been in custody and being investigated for over two months.
On the other hand, I like women in black that show class so I am sure Samaha was after her skirt and got screwed by paying the price of his stupidity. She probably took care of him in Damascus and he paid the price in Lebanon.